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December 05, 2007



Assemblyman Van Tran, thank you for your great leadership!


I applaud you Assemblyman Van Tran! I think not only I, the constituents of 68th Assembly District, Republican and Democratic parties, but also the people of this State should applaud a legislator like Assembly Van Tran. His exemplary demeanor in opposing the pay raise sets the stage for other lawmakers that money does not come first, but rather the people they represent. Maybe then, lawmakers will start working for the people and not corporate lobbyists. Moreover, I would like to commend Assemblyman Tran's philanthroic activities. It is people like him that brings the warm, joy and bliss to those in needs and the Holiday Season. Keep up the good work Mr. Assemblymam!


Can beatification be far behind?


Van Tran is a nice guy but this is just too much! I think using a payraise story for political manuevering is over the top. The extra money he'll receive is still tax payer's dollars no matter what he does with it. I wonder how many legislators already give to charity every year without blowing their horn - I assume many. Nice try at deflecting a negative story but sad really...anyway, who is going to write the follow up story proving that is where the money really went?


Sad, why do you see everything with negativeness? I think your brain is functioning on "over load" mode. Assemblyman Van Tran is trying to help charity with good heart. I am glad Jubal posted this on the blog because more democrats and self serving republican leaders should follow Van's lead in voicing against the pay raise!


"I think using a payraise story for political manuevering is over the top."

Yeah! I mean, it's much better to just take the cash and go on a vacation to the Cote d'Azur right? Taxpayers' moneys going into a legislator's pocket is just the same as going to charity??

Sorry there "Sad"; there's no way to spin this one the wrong way.

LOL Cote d'Azur. Classic D'A.


Van still took the raise, regardless of what he did with it.

Is Van saying that if the money goes back to the taxpayer, they won't know what to do with it?

Hey Van, how about letting the taxpayer decide what to do with their money? Even Democrat Lou Correa, 5 of Correa's Democratic colleagues, and 7 Republicans refused to even accept the raise.


"Is Van saying that if the money goes back to the taxpayer, they won't know what to do with it?"

How do you figure the money is going back to the taxpayer if he doesn't take the raise? My gut instinct tells me Van would be more than happy to oblige if that were the case. It will go back to the general fund and probably end up somewhere less justifiable than a charitable organization.

While I applaud every member of the legislature who didn't accept the raise, taking it and putting it to good use sounds,to me, like a smarter idea; for both Van AND the taxpayers.


Oro-agua or cabeza dura, don't you know that Van is against the pay raises which was implemented by the Growing- Rich Democrats? As a civilized, concerned and tax-paying citizen , you need to call on those selfish pro-raise legislators! AND start supporting good conservative leaders like Van Tran.

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