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December 05, 2007


Gustavo Arellano

Good job on using one of my favorite English words: defenestration!

Art Pedroza


For some reason, the folks on the Santa Ana City Council think that being a City Commissioner is an amazing accomplishment. Honestly, I can achieve more change via my keyboard than I could as a Commissioner.

The final straw for me was watching the City Council toss Thomas Gordon off the EPIC/Gang Commission even though he was their most effective Commissioner.

I want nothing further to do with these people. Our course is now set. We must defeat Measure D, thereby dumping Claudia Alvarez, and then take the rest of them out. The only Council Member worth supporting is Michele Martinez - and she is the only one who supports open, transparent government in our city.

BTW, we will all be back on commissions after we toss out the current Council Members. It is only a matter of time...and that time is fast approaching. When they tossed Thomas, they also lost the support of a huge coalition of voters. Council Members Vince Sarmiento and Carlos Bustamante, in particular, are in trouble as they face reelection next year. And if we defeat Measure D, then Claudia's ward will be up for grabs too.

We could take the Council next year! And we plan to.

Thanks for covering this story.


My hats are off to Mr. Pedroza, and the others. That would not have been my reaction, but then I am not a politico.

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