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December 01, 2007


Army of One

This is a waste of Senator Thompson's time. If DeVore cared about Senator Thompson winning the Presidency he would have told the Senator to spend spend this valuable time in Iowa and New Hampshire. Thompson must win in the early primary states to have any hope of winning. He isn't going to make up much ground in the early primary states by spending time in Laguna Woods. I liked Thompson very much and believed he would have been a great President. Unfortunately, he is getting some real bad advice and he has lost all the momentum he had when he entered the race. Presidential candidates should pick their friends carefully and Senator Thompson has made some very poor choices.

Andy Favor

I went with as open mind as possible because I have all the respect in the world for Chuck Devore and Tom McClintock. So their endorsements do mean a lot.

It was a good presentation but I was disapointed that Senator Thompson did not answer questions. I really would like to know Fred's position on farm subsidies. CNN really did its viewers a disservice when they only let the two big goverment statist "front runners" answer that question. For those who did not see the debate, it sounds like Giulian and Romney not only would not cut farm subsidies, it sounds like they would increase them.

I learned from one politician at the event that Fred Thompson supported McCain-Feingold. That would be a deal breaker for me.

So, at the end of the day, I am squarely in the Ron Paul camp.

Oh, one more thing. Was that really Fred's wife or was that his daughter? That was another shock for me.


According to the latest polls for Iowa, Mike Huckabee is receiving the greatest support from all Republicans. Many christian republicans also believe that Mike Huckabee is their best choice presidential candidate. I am not sure how long this surge of support would last but the republicans are finally becoming more alert to the core fundamental issues in this presidential race.

Allan Bartlett

I'm sorry but Mike Huckabee is pro amnesty and is a tax hiker. Those aren't very conservative positions.

larry Gilbert

Andy. Yes, that was Fred's wife this morning. If you read my blog post I too expressed disappointment that Fred did not take any questions yet spent time mingling with the audience after he concluded his speech. I felt he did show knowledge and maturity in his policy coverage.
Missing from his speech were comments on the "surge," healthcare reform, the recent Middle East photo op's and the social issues.

Alan Srout

Mike Huckabee disses Americans, Mexicans, promotes illegal immigration: http://lonewacko.com/blog/archives/005609.html

Christians Need To Beware Of Mike Huckabee:

While Gov. of Arkansas, Huckabee was AGAINST proving citizenship in order to register to vote. He called those who were in favor of this “racists”...

Huckabee fought hard to kill an Arkansas bill which would have cut off social services for illegal aliens. Huckabee called the bill, “anti-Christian” and “un-American”...

Huckabee supported in-state tuition for illegal aliens...

Huckabee’s opposition to the illegal aliens bill:



Here's a link to all of Fred Thompson's positions on many issues. Hopefully, that will answer some of your questions.


Andy Favor


Thank you for that. It is not specific though on the farm subsidies. I really thought the question raised on the CNN debate was good because the questioner pointed out that continueing the farm subsidies were important to Iowans. But clearly all special interest subsidies have to go. In 2010 the Social Security surpluses go negative. Everything needs to be on the chopping block. Only Ron Paul seems to recognize that.

OT warning: Jubal, I meant to email you that Reason Magazine had a good article on John Campbell and his war on earmarks. I cannot find it on-line though. We need to get John Campbell some press on this blog for the good work he is doing. I had no idea he was such an "Atlas Shrugged" fan. I think I will reread that book. It has been a while since I read it.

Christian Republican

I understand Alan's concern over Mike Huckabee's soft stance on the immigration issue. However, other than that, he is the most appealing biblical candidate. Mike Huckabee is the one our founding fathers would have been most proud of. Mike will protect our unborn babies and defend our traditional family structure.

Chuck DeVore

Great, "Army," among other things you believe you are brilliant at, I'm glad to hear that you consider yourself an expert at running a national Presidential campaign too.

What you may have missed was that Sen. Thompson was in California to raise money as well. At Noon today, he was at a well-attended fundraiser in the Newport Coast in my district. Now he should be up in Beverly Hills raising money.

This morning before the event, he did two radio shows while his wife, Jeri, did one too.

Californians can begin to vote by mail just days after the Iowa caucuses. By spending time in Laguna Woods, a community with a very high vote turnout (they supplied me with a very large margin of victory in my 2004 primary campaign) Sen. Thompson boosts the likelihood that he can win the three delegates up for grabs in the local Congressional district.

With the money he raised today, along with the earned media, I think it was a very good use of his time. But, I guess you know better – perhaps because you are affiliated with a different candidate – my guess is Mitt Romney, the man Human Events, a conservative weekly, named as the 8th biggest RINO (Republican in Name Only) in America in 2005.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

Chuck DeVore

Christian Republican,

Please take another look at Huckabee's tax & spend, big government record. He also recently called global warming a "moral imperative." This has major economic implications -- all bad. Lastly, don't forget that the National Right to Life Committee endorsed Sen. Thompson for his 100 percent pro-life record in the U.S. Senate.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District


Christian Republican, I agree with you. I was surprised to read an article about Mike Huckabee's growing popularity among conservative republicans. He might even take Iowa according the paper I've read.


Fred is not losing because his lack of money. If money is all it took we should all be looking forward to President Paul. Fred would be much better off spending his time at events in Iowa and making fundrasing calls from the car between events.

Dave Swanson

Huckabee has explained his tax hikes multiple times as a court mandated action. Everyone who accuses him as this ignores that he lowered taxes multiple times during his time as Governor and cut spending, and ultimately left office with a surplus in the state budget. His authentic and unapologetic brand of governance and philosophy is a breathe of fresh air in this race, something we rarely see on either side of the aisle. Whether I were to spend my vote on him or not I can appreciate what he brings to the race.

Dan Chmielewski

Did Frederick of Hollywood explain away his work for a pro-choice lobbying organization prior to his election to the Senate; just curious?

Richard Rios


A couple of comments.

First, prior the stop at Laguna Woods he was doing radio show interviews.

Second, after his speech he mingled with the crowd and answered questions one on one. As an example, he even stopped to answer questions from a 12 year old student reporter.

Third, he had an hour to get to the luncheon fundraiser where he also opened up to questions on a one on one basis.

From the luncheon he left, went back to the hotel, changed, loaded their things and went to LA for some more meetings and then an evening of events.

Logistically, there was not time for an open Q&A from the audience. Your suggestion is taken and I will suggest it during the next stop.

Additionally, learning from one politician of his support for MF sounds a little off. He wanted to stop the money elite from buying elections. He has publically stated that it went too far and the limits need to be raised.

Also Larry G, I didn’t get a chance to ask him about Campion and Romos. I did chat with Senator McClintock about it and we are of the same opinion. I don’t know if I have enough pull to get a political stance from Senator Thompson but I will continue to try.

happy supporter fo Huckabee

Dave thanks for your comments re. Mike Huckabee, if I may add, Gov. Huckabee is also strongly against the illegal immigration. Read his website. He can be our next great republican president.

The real Huckabee taxation analysis

happy supporter for Huckabee;

Newsweek analysis of Huckabee with comments on Thompson campaign.

Huckabee's Fiscal Record
Under fire from conservatives, the former Arkansas governor misrepresents his tax hikes, and cuts

stick to social strengths because Huckabee will get killed in fiscal and foriegn policy

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