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December 02, 2007


Mr. Bucher,

You may be right, and you may be wrong. As a lawyer yourself you know until the "FAT LADY" sings it isn't over yet. So let the Court of Appeals decide before you make your own decision.


I think the problem is that "they" are not holding the seat. Power play politics at it's finest. Meanwhile the Sheriff is presumed innocent. OK. I'm good with that. He's innocent. So why is the Schroeder posse out to lynch Janet Nguyen? Her crime?Alledged contribution irregularities. Corona's alleged crime?(in part)Alledged contribution irregularities.

"And his willingness to publicly deny the obvious really undercuts his credibility as a spokesman for Sheriff Carona and others."


Mark Bucher

7:51 -

This issue has nothing to do with whether a court eventually may find in favor or against Janet. I do not support the "scorched earth policy" of serial legal action as a way of weakening an incumbent Republican. If Trung is the incumbent (i.e. including if the appeals court puts him there) I would support him and oppose any such attacks aimed at him.

Also, I do not take issue with Trung filing the initial election law challenge or the appeal. If I lost by 3 votes I am sure I would have done the same. It is the multiple complaints and the overall plan to attack her over and over with complaints that I oppose.

Mark Bucher

Rocket -

Sheriff Carona is charged essentially with selling his office for personal gain and has been indicted. Janet's issues are minor campaign reporting mistakes. While not making any statement regarding the truth of the allegations against either of them, they are not at all comparable.

Re: Mark Bucher

"It is well known in political circles that Trung Nguyen, Mike Schroeder, and Assemblyman Van Tran began a "scorched earth campaign" against Janet Nguyen after she won her race against Trung Nguyen for Supervisor."

Excuse me sir, but that is not well known "in political circles" at all. That is YOUR interpretation of Team Trung's efforts to defeat Janet. Just because YOUR circle of donors disapprove of ever un-seating a Republican incumbent doesn't mean the law shouldn't be followed.

Oh and as far as your statement that Carona's indictment and Janet's illegalities are not comparable: I agree. While we still don't know for sure the culpability of Carona, it is "well known in political circles" that Janet broke the law multiple times and as far as we know, continues to do so.

How do we know it? Oh yeah, she pretty much had to ADMIT to it since the laws that she previously broke are so obvious.

Mark, do you know for sure that Janet is not currently breaking the law?

Mark, do you know for SURE that Trung and Van's only motivation is to "dirty up" Janet?

I'm sure they'll love to hear your answer to those questions and keep it in their pocket when all is said and done, Janet is unseated, and everything is back to normal.

Your premise that no Republican incumbent should be challenged on his/her record purely for the sake of "keeping the seat" is deeply troubling.

THAT sir, is the "poison within our party".

Long Time Politico

"Janet Nguyen was maintaining a secret bank account in which she took illegal, over-the-limit, undisclosed contributions. When caught, she claimed that she had refunded the money, but, in fact, the checks bounced. This resulted in a second complaint. Why isn't Greenhut leading the charge against this political corruption?"

Why isn't Bucher leading the charge against this political corruption?

Is Mark okay with turning a blind eye to illegal activity when his "circle" is comfortable with the corruption?


I don't know about that Mark. Schroeder says she received "Ilegal, undisclosed campaign contributions" I agree with what the over all theme of the indictment is. However,If my recollection serves me correctly the indictment says that Corona was receiving income which was not disclosed. Thus my coining of the words "contribution irregularities". Maybe they were campaign reporting mistakes by Janet Nguyen and staff.


Mark - telling your supporters to give to your lawyer and that they would not be disclosed nor count towards the limits? I would not call that a minor campaign reporting mistake. You know better then that, so does she and so does her lawyer.

Mr. Bucher,

If your premise is to protect the seat because the holder is an incumbent Republican, whether it is Ms. Nguyen or Mr. Nguyen, then your opinion is, at minimum, very slanted. In addition, your decision is no longer unbias and anyone raises questions toward your "protected property" will face a dishonest response from your own.

Please do not quickly cast the stone when you are not in a good ground yourself.

One who knows the

Mr. Mark Bucher:

As a fellow Republican, I found your allegation against Mike Schroeder disengenous and disturbing. You sounded like an apologist for Janet Nguyen (who by the way, took the seat by throwing out Viet votes against Trung Nguyen). More disturbing is that you are an attorney but you make unsubstantiated and irresponsible accusations against other Republican leaders and activists in Orange County. Isn't this a bit hypocritical on your part and on those who apologize for Janet Nguyen's misdeeds to accuse Team Trung of dirty politics while you are doing exactly what you castigate? Please, we are not that naive.

Janet Nguyen will lose the Supervisorial race next year not because of Trung Nguyen, but because she is a weak and shallow candidate who will be (and is being) exposed for everyone to see. I am sure you will see it eventually.


One who knows


Mark Bucher should to go into the Vietnamese-American community and get the real story on Janet Nguyen and get the scoop on why a lot of people dislike her and why every Vietnamese elected figure of all stripes in California stays away from her. Those outside the Vietnamese community may be duped by Janet Nguyen portraying herself as the "victim" of Mike Schroeder and Company, but very few Vietnamese are fooled by what's going on.


"And his willingness to publicly deny the obvious really undercuts his credibility as a spokesman for Sheriff Carona and others."

No, Mark. You've got it backwards! His unqualified support for Carona completely discredits his other activities.

Greenhut is worthless

Mike Schroeder has been in the front line of many Republican political fights and no one can questions his commitment to Republicans causes.

Steve Greenhut is a worthless hack. He claims to care about eminent domain but then cheered Mike Duvall's candidacy for state assembly. That makes no sense, everyone knows Duvall is the only Republican in the state legislature to use eminent domain to take private property away from one private owner and give it to another private owners. This is just wrong and shameful. Those who care about this issue must feel betrayed by Greenhut. It is a good thing that Greenhut's hypocrisy has been exposed. No one should buy anything he writes.

Mark Bucher is a good donor. I know he is looking for a relevant role but defending someone who is using secret accounts is not the best way to be relevant. He needs a new pet cause.

From the heart

Bottomline is that Janet has treated people poorly over the years, and in the opinion of many, she is better at raising money, and running for office than legislating. Her background as a lifelong politico runs counter to the notion of the citizen legislator that most in conservative politics cherish.

This intense drive and win at all costs attitude has caused her to personally attack many. She has really hurt some people, this has left scars will continue to cause her problems.

If you dig around you will find a number of people that she has treated poorly. (Staff, co-workers, peers, other electeds, donors, city staff, etc.)

She has matured over the past year, and I hope she continues to develop for the good of our party, but in the meantime her past will continue to hurt her.

In politics what comes around goes around, At just 32 years old it is a shame she has to deal with so much. I wish it wasnt so.

Zavid Denger

Reperegrine knows without a doubt that Carona broke the law? That he is guilty on very count of the indictment?

As others have pointed out, redperegrine dismissed the jury finding that his patron Chris Norby was guilty of sexual harassment, and is convinced the Sheriff, who has yet to have the benefit of a jury's judgment, is guilty.

D-O-U-B-L-E S-T-A-N-D-A-R-D.


Mark, you know what? I don't think you're a bad guy at all. With that said, they DID pull the wool over your eyes on this one. I'm sure you don't need me to explain to you who "they" are.

You should have done your homework before hand my friend. You now find yourself in the same crowd as the folks at the Liberal OC, Art Pedroza & Co., etc.

No matter how much you try to tell people that you're not a Janet supporter, the already built perception is that you've blindly picked a fight with Trung/Van/Schroeder for no apparent good reason but to pull weight for Janet (who, by her own admission, has ALREADY violated the law!)

There is a huge gap between being a solid/reliable donor and adopting causes and attaching your name to them. In order for you to bridge that gap you need to feel the temperature of not only the donors (who I'm sure you're very familiar with) but also the activists. A small attempt at getting feedback from those activists would have surely led you to a different conclusion than what you have come to. Every staffer and activist in OC sighed in relief as Trung beat Janet last February and were enraged by the fact that she not only stole the election by throwing out votes from her own supposed "base", but broke the law numerous times while doing so.

For the sake of the party I urge you to go learn more about this issue before you throw stones again.

From the Heart you are correct.

Janet is reaping what she has sewn. Basically, her caustic personality, complete lack of loyalty to those who have supported her, actions of her inner circle, legal transgressions ad infinitum are going to come home to roost come June 2008.

Janet will look around for her past supporters to step up and back her when the heat gets too much and she will find no one there.

Too many people have been burned by her and her underlings to be put in a position to be burned again. She is back to square one in the respect of gaining support. She will be drawing from an increasingly diminished well due to her own actions and inactions.

People in the Vietnamese Community are seeing her for the disingenuous person she is when she shows up to events, presents a certificate of some sort and then promptly leaves the event.

She cannot stand to be in the presence of her own base because she hates the fact that she’s Vietnamese and feels uncomfortable around other Viets. And it shows.

When I make a post I generally try to answer each person who disagrees with me. I have been away from the computer for a few hours, and there are so many posts that it would be difficult to do that. Instead, I'll try to address recurring themes.

To start, however, almost all the posts ignore my central thesis - that it is dishonest of Schroeder to claim that he is not engaging in a scorched earth campaign against Janet as a way to increase Trung's changes of winning. Yes, I am very confident this is true, as are others in the political community and observers such as Martin Wisckol, whose post on Total Buzz saying so I linked to in my original post.

With respect to your comments:

1. I really am unbiased on this. Janet was, literally, the last Republican candidate I would have supported in this race. My opposition to what Trung and Schroeder are doing is based on principle, not bias.

2. The number of posts that repeat the line that Janet is bad because she set up a "secret illegal account" reinforces why I have pushed back against this type of slimy, personal attacks.

3. To those of you who refer to me as essentially a donor do not know much about me. I have much more in common with activists than I do with the average donor.

4. I understand that there are people who don't like Janet. Some people very close to me are in that camp, which is part of why she was my last choice for this seat. But she won, and unless a judge takes her out, she is the incumbent and as Republicans, we should have real good reasons to go after an incumbent and not just that you don't like the person or that you lost.

5. If I become convinced that Janet was corrupt, or had sold out Republican principles, I would not defend her. I have researched in substantial detail the complaints against her, and I believe they are not going to amount to much. I also believe they are being brought up by prominent Republicans for the purpose of defeating her. Yes, I could be wrong, but I doubt it. If you really believe I do not know specifics about her that will lead me to believe she is not worthy of support as a Republican incumbent, please let me know what they are instead of just making general allegations or repeating talking points.

6. This issue has little, if anything, to do with Carona.

7. I have never claimed that Schroeder is not a committed activist for conservative causes. I just think he is wrong on this, and when I said so he attacked me rather viciously and publicly in the emails linked to in my original post, which I did not appreciate. By the way, I approached Trung, Schroeder and Tran privately and discussed this before I spoke out publicly.

8. d'Anconia - I do not know who "they" are. I have not been working with anyone on this issue. In fact, it was because no one else was saying anything about it that made me start speaking up.


Hey Zavid, you really are an ignorant individual. Didn't you read the news last week? Norby was cleared of that bogus rap by an appeals court. What that has to do with Carona's extended record of misrule is beyond me.

Now as for Carona - who forced him to hand out badges like party favors (hmm - nutsy kung fu golfers, casino owners, etc.)? Who twisted his arm to change the reqs so he could appoint his sleeze bag "brothers for life" to jobs that they weren't qualified to hold? Who coerced Mike into having his smiling physiognomy captured for posterity with a mobster and a pretty young Russian "translator"? Who forced him to promote an ex-felon/con man's contraption?

Carona will get his day in court and that will determine whether or not he can stay out of prison. As far as being Sheriff - he needs to go ASAP.


Mr. Bucher:

You need to do your home work and talk to a few folks in the Vietnamese-American community who knows Janet Nguyen best. The response may be an eye-opener for you.

Everything that is happening to Janet Nguyen now has a reason, and it's much more complex than what you see or hear from or about Janet.

You may have a stomach ache later drinking the Janet KoolAid!


Mark - at least I think that was you that posted-you did not sign.

To some degree you are correct...however I believe that she is going to have one hell of a fight to keep her seat come June.

On the Illegal legal fund....it is not a slimey sttack on my part. You indicated that she made some campaign reporting errors...my point was that this is far above a campaign reporting error and cannot be shrugged off on a misinterpretation of TINCUP. I do believe that issue is a serious one, and even though it has since been rectified (the money returned) to me it makes me uneasy inside about either her or her advisors ethics...which as we both know, many electeds ethics as of late have come into question.

Zavid Denger

Hey Zavid, you really are an ignorant individual. Didn't you read the news last week? Norby was cleared of that bogus rap by an appeals court.

Exactly my point. You stood by Norby even after he was convicted. Bogus or not, he was convicted.

But you are asserting Carona's guilt before he has even had a trial.

You gave your patron every benefit of the doubt, and rightly so. But you won't extend even a shred of the same benefit of the doubt to Carona, whom you don't like.

That's the double standard.


Norby was not convicted of anything.

A single supposed incident and no evidence except the word of a wacky dame fired for cause who was out for a big score. You're trying to compare that with Carona's trail of tears? Too funny.

Gotta run - working with concrete in the back yard. The longer you wait the denser it gets.

Keep up the good work Mark Bucher. Tell it like it is.

And for all those posting that are sure that there are honorable reasons that the Van Tran/Trung/Shroeder camp continue to attack Janet Nguyen....you might want to take a reality check.

Has Shroeder or Trung followed up on Van Tran's wife, who was charged with some type of medical billing fraud or scam?

I know of other political races where the scorched earth policy was used by this group as well against fellow republicans because the Viet contingent wanted election wins.

You know, while lots of people voted for both Janet and Trung, just how do you know for absolute sure that those votes thrown out were from Viet voters? There are also Anglo and Hispanic voters (and many other ethnic groups) that may have had their votes discounted because of mistakes made on ballot that did not clearly state who they wanted to vote for.

If Trung had lost by 7 votes he would have filed for a recount also. But do you think Janet would have had a scorched earth policy in trying to discredit him and take him down in 2008? I doubt it.

And when someone says: Excuse me sir, but that is not well known "in political circles" at all. That is YOUR interpretation of Team Trung's efforts to defeat Janet. ....well then you are naive. Even people OUTSIDE political circles can perceive this...it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on.

Van Tran's machine has lost much respect in all circles because of this. It will take much in all communities to make that up. Even if one doesn't particularly care for Janet, it is more reprehensible what the machine is doing to her than what one's dislike of her conjurs.

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