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December 03, 2007


Gustavo Arellano

Jubal: Good for you to link to Orange Juice! without taking a swipe at Art!


Generally speaking, Gustavo, the hostile fire between Art and I consists overwhelmingly of incoming rounds dropping on the OC Blog compound.



Great post. Had Thomas been over the top or contra to Sal's positions in his committee meetings that would have been one thing. But canning him for expressing his concerns in other aspects of city government makes it appear that the City--and Sal-- are attempting to squelch dissent.

Sal is a pretty decent guy. I hope he does the right thing--put the beheading sword back in its sheath and have a long chat with Thomas about how they can better communicate with each other.

Jon Fleischman

Here's a novel idea. How about just abolishing the Early Prevention and Intervention Commission all together?

Art Pedroza


Thanks for covering this. Thomas really works hard to reduce crime in Santa Ana. I cannot tell you how many times he has called me in the midst of actually getting taggers arrested.

I hope that Carlos Bustamante and his handlers read your post. We need him to stand up for Thomas tonight!

Allan Bartlett

Has anyone tried to click the Orange Juice blog from the OC Blog link lately like me and forgot that Matt had it linked to a CSF story about Miguel Pulido? Now he has it linked to the Wikepedia tin foil hat page, LOL. I don't care who you are, that's funny!

Art Pedroza


Well, the other EPIC members might well resign tonight. That has been discussed.

Michele Martinez came up with the idea of a gang commission, but Miguel Pulido gutted it by taking the word "gang" out of it. Since then the EPIC Chair has complained because the Council Members, except for Michele, are not supporting EPIC.

The truth is, the City of Santa Ana could do a lot more to stop gangs. Not just on the law enforcement side, but across the board. We don't have, for example, enough parks and libraries. And we don't put on enough summer programs when kids are out of school.

And our school district has lost over six million this year to fraud, ineptitude and corruption. Who chairs the school board? Pulido's friend and ally, Rob Richardson.

Thomas has dared to call it like it is. The folks in power don't like that. But Tinajero really blew it this time. I spoke today to several reporters, as did Thomas. People are not going to take this B.S. anymore!

Richard Rios

I hope that Carlos Bustamante and his handlers read your post. We need him to stand up for Thomas tonight!

I know it's late but when, and since I don't live in SA, where?


Richard Rios

Bienvanido al futuro

For nearly 150 years in Santa Ana's history we had an all Anglo council and all Anglo boards and commissions....let's try all Latino councils and all Latino boards for the next 150 years and see how that works out for a change....the first 150 years of leadership ran this city into the ground...as far as I can tell so far...things are working a lot better with a council and boards that better reflect our community. As for Mr. Gordan...you are about 20 years late.

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