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December 03, 2007



"The City of Orange held its annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Orange circle this weekend."

Do you guys in Orange get to call it a Christmas Tree, in public and everything?! In Fullerton, it's a Winter Tree.


Richard Rios


Are you serious... a Winter Tree????

That is rediculous. We need to call it a Christmas tree. Where will it all end?


I thought the "Witches" only took part in all hollows eve

Mark Brainard

Jubal: You don't have an issue that the City of Orange requires a permit to hand out candy canes?


I was wondering about that, too.

I certainly would not want some strange bitter woman handing candy to my children at a city sponsored event. The city has a duty to protect children from people like Dave and Carol Rudat. Imagine the liability.

Mark Brainard

I hope certain members of the council weren't caught collecting candy that had been handed out just because she hadn't pulled a silly permit.


You can hand out as many candy canes as you like -- just not within the event "lines."

Mark Brainard

Perhaps your opinion of Mrs. Rudat is clouding the issue?

something to think about

I wouldn't want somebody just handing out things to my children without any type of city approval at a city function. If this woman was handing out items at a "City" event are thy not liable if the candy is tainted?

I think they did the right thing to have remove.


Sounds like the city should be looking at a free speech lawsuit here. "Political speech" is very well protected in this land.

I think if I was Ms. Rudat, I would be suing the crap out of the city. These little thugs that work in government need to be kept in their place as servants of the people and not KINGS".

Meddlesome Nobody

DeadBeatPoliticalHack ~ I think you missed the point; Ms. Carpetbagger (excuse me, Ms. Rudat), was not exercising her right to political speech. Instead, she was advertising her out-of-town real estate business. Commercial speech does not benefit from the same protections as political speech.


she is such a joke. is rudat really so bored she needs to get on the cc and be a busy body? go sell real estate in the 949 guy...

Mark Brainard

I think she was thrown out for who she was rather than what she was doing. I suspect if Scott Graves had shown up handing out copies of Red County with a pack of smokes taped to it without a permit they wouldn't have thrown him out.

And the bitter woman handing out candy is a liability doesn't fly either. She is going to hand out tainted candy with her business card taped to it?


The city has a duty to protect children from people like Dave and Carol Rudat.

This is a great idea. We should apply it to a wider circle of politicos.....

p.s. Is the real estate market in Newport Beach really so awful that a Orange city council seat is a now seen as a step up the career ladder?

City Staffer

Here is the truth,

2 people were asked to leave the event the other night. Both for handing candy out to children.

While yes it sounds harmless, the need to control who is handing items to children with the event needs to be controlled.

Both parties asked to leave were actually instructed where they actually were allowed to gather at the event, which is at the barriers at the begining of each street.

As for the earlier statement of the Red County being passed out, yes even that would be asked to leave if they did not get earlier premission and be associated with a local non-profit.

hope this clears it up

Carol could have had a free ride in the City of Los Alamitos, as Dave in now the City Manager in that fair city. They thirst for candy canes and crazy politics, just ask for the manicurist Councilwoman Geri Graham-Mejia who will pave the way for Carol, while providing pedicures for the well healed in Los Alamitos.


If Rudat stays true to form, she will file a lawsuit against the city.

Remembering Carol Senator Rudat

Carol Rudat has not changed since she was Carol Senator over 30 years ago at VPHS. She was always a social climbing stuck-up snob. Some people never get over themselves.

Catherine Urban

I unfortunately rented a home from Ms. Rudat in the late 90's in Corona Del Mar, CA. She lived around the corner, also in CDM. She is one of the nastiest, most mean spirited person I have EVER met. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD SHE EVER HOLD ANY KIND OF PUBLIC OFFICE!!!!!!

Carol Rudat is one of those people that you scratch your head after dealing with her and wonder why someone like that even exists on the planet. What is her purpose here? She is the rudest person I have ever met and her actions are unbelievable!!

Mark Allen

You know what? With or without the drama, it was a magical night all around.

I grew up in Orange (Katella and Tustin area), went to California Elementary, Yorba Junior High (yes, it was called Junior High way back when) and then Orange High School and even though I no longer live in Orange, I still spend plenty of time and money in the fair city in which I grew up and formed many wonderful memories which will stay with me forever.

If I have my way, my children who are nine and six years old respectively, will be attending this event with their children many years to come.

The event was carried out beautifully! Many kudos to all who did so much to make it a joy for so many.

Absolutely splendid in all aspects!

Kind regards,

Mark Allen

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