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December 01, 2007



How convenient. Red County leaves out the article on how their man, Sheriff Carona, faces another lawsuit and possibly more criminal charges. Baugh, Schroeder and company are hanging their credibility and respestability on the morally and ethically bankrupt Carona. No wonder Repuplican registrations have been slipping since 1999, see martin Wisckol in the OCR on Monday.

When was Carona first sworn in? 1999. HMMMM

Another OCSD Screw Up

The missing mom was clearly a screw-up on OCSD's part. Yes, as the dispatcher told the boyfriend, an adult may leave when ever they like, but police agencies are required to take a missing person report whenever one is requested, regardless how long (or short) someone had been missing and regardless of the circumstances. Had this happened, the search would have started sooner. Lucky she was found ok.

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