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December 05, 2007



Question, why are you guys always on Councilwoman Martinez' side. Is this site a friend of hers? Seems pretty biased to me


I commend her for her stand against SA's slide into a third world system.

This is really about OPEN government, and I just can't find anything wrong with that. The city of Costa Mesa does it, the County Board of Supervisors does it. I think EVERY city should do it - then the people in the city wouldn't keep voting back in the same people for decades who run their cities into the ground. If you can bring sunshine into the room and show everyone what your council REALLY does who would lose? No one.

larry gilbert

Hey folks. We are now in the 21st century where technology is exploding. Failure to televise city council meetings, where those unable to attend, for whatever reason, can watch the actions by their elected city council members and hired city staff indicates that there is something to hide. It surely does not represent transparancy in government. While Mission Viejo debated the idea of televising our meetings when I first proposed it, for fear of council or resident grandstanding, the majority recognized it's value and it is now a standard practice. In fact you can watch our council meetings, both live and prior meetings, on a computer anywhere in the world through the Internet.
In the big picture the cost to broadcast your meetings is minimal and the benefits are priceless.
Another advantage is that by watching the meetings yourself you can avoid any "spin" or oversights by local reporters.


The cowards always use the "grandstanding" argument - right after they try to pose as fiscal conservatives! Oh the hideous cost!

It happened in Fullerton too. Finally common sense prevailed.


Michelle should put it on every agenda from here on out...and the citizens of SA should start a letter writing and call campaign. You have to be a pain and the squeaky wheels to get stuff done with a stubborn council.

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