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December 05, 2007



Thanks for sharing this, Tom. Can you pass along how each member voted?

Pizza guy/Councilman Norm Eckenrode

I bet Pizza store manager/ former Placentia Councilman Norm Eckenrode is spitting nails since he is no longer on the San Board to collect the bigger pay checks! Norm ALWAYS voted for higer pay for managers and board members. Look for stormin Normen to try to figure out how do get back on the stipend gravy train.


Many of these directors are the same ones who went after Vector Control for their $100 (maximum per month) stipends a year ago. Many of these directors sit (and eat) on multiple meetings a month. I believe up to 7/per month.

This is really stinky crap as they raise our rates! Take a look at this years property tax statement to see how we are paying for these fatcat raises. Just another example of feeding at the trough filled with taxpayer money!

Who are these guys? Please tell us which cities voted for this 25% increase.


This issue did come up last year in the context of directors who sat on multiple boards and were doing quite well off the system. Many are city council persons already being paid for their city positions.

Of course the real issue is what kind of work are these people doing. Are they actually making an effort to look out for the ratepayers, or are they just rubber stamps for "staff"? Generally the answer is the latter.

Inquiring Minds want To Know

I remember the days when the Orange County Register would write about these things and splash the names of the board members all over the paper. Perhaps as a previous poster mentioned Mr. Jubal, you could do a seperate post listing the names and cities of those who voted for this increase and allow them to explain to us why they deserve it. I believe the Santa Ana rep is none other than Councilman Sal Tinajero who you profiled in a previous post. It's helpful to know who is raising our rates.

These guys are cleaning us out!


Here are the Directors, don't know how they voted except for Harry who voted NO.

Count them up each meeting will cost taxpayers $5,564.00 plus meals and mileage! They meet on average 2 times a month (with some meeting more often). Thats a whopping $144,664 a year, plus meals and mileage! Looks like public service pays well.

Chair: James Ferryman
Vice Chair: Doug Davert

Anaheim Harry Sidhu
Brea Roy Moore
Buena Park Patsy Marshall
Cypress Phil Luebben
Fountain Valley Larry Crandall
Fullerton Don Bankhead
Garden Grove Bill Dalton
Huntington Beach Cathy Green
Irvine Steven Choi
La Habra Steve Anderson
La Palma Mark Waldman
Los Alamitos Ken Parker
Newport Beach Don Webb
Orange Jon Dumitru
Placentia Constance Underhill
Santa Ana Sal Tinajero
Seal Beach Charles Antos
Stanton David Shawver
Tustin Doug Davert
Villa Park Rich Freschi
Yorba Linda Jim Winder

Costa Mesa Sanitary District
James M. Ferryman
Midway City Sanitary District
Joy L. Neugebauer
Irvine Ranch Water District
Darryl Miller

Board of Supervisors
Chris Norby
Janet Nguyen


So who voted in favor???


Just read the Summary from this agenda item. Looks like the Directors will have to have a second reading and vote on this matter. If done before January the amount would stay at $212.50, if after Y/E it could jump to $221. Note this is the max they could have done legally. They grubbed for every last penny they could have!

If you think this was a bad decision for taxpayers contact your representative and let them know how you feel about this.

Also the rules were changed and Directors can meet up to "6" times a month for a total of $1,275 a month plus mileage and meals per 25 Directors. The Chairman could meet up to 10 times per month for a total of $2,125 a month. Worst case (or best case for the money grubbers) we the taxpayers would be spending $393,000 plus meals and mileage. Enough said...

Not being on the OCSD BoD; there is another way taxpayers could look at this, and all those yammering about this on OC RED BLOG; thinking the taxpayers are being "cleaned out".

First if you make $40,000 a year and your boss gave you a 25% increase you would be making $50K a year. Nice raise. But let's look at this logically...if you can. Thes people usually have day jobs, and then at night they drive to the OC Sanitary District in Fountain Valley at 7 PM to attend a meeting that usually lasts until what? 10 PM? 11 PM? This also constitutes that you serve on one of their various committees. Since you do this what? twice a month you are using your personal vehicle to get there, and your gas (which is not reimbursed any other way but through the stipend). So if you then see that they are getting a "raise" of $42.50 per meeting - and IF they had 6 meetings per month that would be $255 per month more; then if you were assuming a $40K year salary that would be less than an 8 % increase. If they only meet 2 X a month then it's less than a 2% raise.

I say if you want to run for the seats, do all the multiple pages of paperwork you have to file, drive to the meetings; study the laws, know the policies, disect the agenda, participate in the committees, then you deserve the (what I consider to be) a 2% raise. No one there gets a salary. if they go to two meetings a month they earn $5,100 per year (at $212.50). If you paid them a penny and then decided to give them two cents, that's a 100% raise, but it's still TWO PENNIES.

Get over it, it's really not all that bad folks. If your boss offered you a 2% raise you'd probably be insulted.


Mr. 2:15,

You make some sense if it were true that these directors were working hard. Many of these very important meetings end in less than 30 minutes! One ended in less than 6 minutes! Not bad $212.50 plus mileage and meals for 6 minutes work.

Most directors barley open their books before they vote, if this is how you think our money should be spent fine, but I for one think it is a poor use of taxpayer money especially while this board is raising our rates, and floating bonds to grab more money.

Dear "Just Asking":

I was an alternate for a while on that Board, and attended, without being paid, at my own expense and on own gas money just to observe several meetings. I only was called upon to act at one meeting as the alternate. I never saw them served any dinner, the meetings ran so long my significant other would call my cell phone and asked if I still lived there; and I never saw any of the directors who DID NOT open their books. Just what meetings were YOU attending? I'm not in the game anymore so I have no vested or unvested interest in defending or criticizing them. I just am reporting what I saw with my own eyes and what I know. And I didn't get mileage, and I don't think any of them do either.

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