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December 04, 2007


Gustavo Arellano

No money to broadcast council meetings? Please. All SanTana needs to do is pay some kid in pizza to film the meetings, then upload them on YouTube.

seems to me

If the public wanted the meetings taped, the public would elect a council that promised to tape the meetings. Has any member of the public been there to demand it?

Sounds like grandstanding to me.

Ryan Trabuco

Jubal, thanks for this post. The more exposure this council gets for what they're doing -- or what they're not doing -- gives any curious politico an insight into how out-of-touch this council really is.

I just hope we have some really good candidates to run against the bunch we have here. As you said, it's just pathetic.


"prefer running Santa Ana city government like a banana republic,"

Interesting metaphor. Whenever I hear about SA I start thinking about "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."


Seems to me:

As a thought experiment, apply your standard to every single agenda item enacted by every local government. How many of them are specific to a campaign promise?

Dan Chmielewski

This is a crying shame.

Those on the council who wouldn't second this proposal should be ashamed of themselves.

Why isn't Liberal OC posting anything about the terrible decisions made by the Santa Ana City Council Monday night? I hope that Liberal OC is not being quiet because they do not want to attack Democrats, but even this blog has gone after some bad Republicans (Capo School Board).

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