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December 05, 2007


Thanks but we want more info

Thanks for this list! It would be nice if the O.C. Register ( hint, hint, Martin and Peggy:) would do a full page box grid showing all the county boards and commissions and what the members get paid. The O.C. Water Board members get $200/meeting up to 10 meetings, full medical ins, and more. The Toll Road Boards, the Fire Authority, etc all pay members to attend meetings. It's hard to find a source that shows them all and what they pay. The the Blogs we at least have people talking about the dirty little secret that politicians have tried to keep quiet while they increase our taxes.


Congrats to Don Bankhead. What was Norby thinking? C'mon Chris, spill it.


Let's see who gives their pay raise to charity. :)


i wondered where all these old time politicos landed. with the hefty raise, what does that bring their take home to?

great post!

Norby voted for it?! Disappointing, but not really that surprising since he was willing to try and pull that end run on term limits last year.

Maybe it's time for him to get a real job.

Monkey Business

Chris Norby is a hoot. He fights with the deputies for a year over their 3 year (roughly 15 percent) contract and at the same time raised benefits for himself as a member of the Board of Supervisors and now the OC sanitation district. He should get a bumper sticker that reads:

OCSD Directors 25% RAISE

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