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December 04, 2007



What a surprise that you would post this right after Harman announced that Sen. Ackerman has endorsed his campaign. This is a cheap political move because you know that not all of Sen. Harman's votes were included.


OCGOP you're a paid flack for Harmon, that's pretty obvious. Devore never even mentioned 'ol Tommy boy. But, while you're at it, do you really expect the CRA to score all of Harmon's thousands of votes? If they did, would Tommy's score be better or worse. Why is mentioning the history of someone's voting a cheap political move? I thought records were to stand on their own. Speaking of which, why does Tommy consistently score as the most liberal Republican in OC? Oh, that's right, because he is!

Army of One

I wonder how the CRA scored DeVore's Hemp legalization bill? This bill should be called the Marijuana legalization bill because it would make it much harder to enforce drug laws. There is a reason that just about every law enforcement organization in the nation opposes this bill. How does the CRA feel about DeVore making drugs more accessible to our kids?


Wrong, I am just someone that does not like DeVore's policies. I think he is a geek that treats everyone he encounters with a holier than thou attitude. I think he is full of BS and treats people very badly. If DeVore took his time to treat people better rather than spend all his time blogging I wouldn't be spending my time exposing him.


I think Assemblyman Chuck DeVore is doing a fine job with his time consuming report work. I am positive that he has done it with good heart. All my cra friends love Chuck DeVore.

Van's a Liberal

Check those scores for the last three years!

Chuck DeVore

“Army” when illegal marijuana is grown in a farm field is it usually hidden in amongst corn. Of course, there are no immediate plans to outlaw corn. Industrial hemp, on the other hand, has less than 0.3 percent THC, some 10 to 30 times less than illegal marijuana. Furthermore, industrial hemp’s pollen ruins an illegal marijuana crop if it get anywhere near it. More than 30 nations around the world grow industrial hemp without “making drugs more accessible to our kids” which is political hyperventilating of the first order. George Washington grew hemp and encouraged others to do so too (he wasn’t pushing drugs on children so far as I know). Lastly, most law enforcement organizations are neutral on the issue (at least in California) while the Narcotics Officers Association of California opposed it.

“OCGOP” I am truly sorry if I ever treated you poorly.

As to your constant haranguing against me on this blog, I would like to point out that you rarely engage on the issues presented. Instead, you indulge in ad hominem attacks, which don’t do much for your cause. I wonder how you think “geeks” who “treat(s) people very badly” manage to serve in the Army for 24 years and get promoted to lieutenant colonel. Also, I question your linkage of logic to how spending a few minutes a day blogging causes people to not treat others well. Very curious cause and effect in your world. Given all the time you spend blogging to attack me, I can see how you may think that.

Lastly, if I am so bad to others and such a “geek” I wonder how it is that the California College Republicans, the Young Republican Federation of California and the State Commanders Veterans Council (a grouping of some 19 veterans organizations) all named me legislator of the year this year? I’m sure you’ll enlighten us…

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District


Assemblyman Van Tran is the "role model" for our state wide conservative Republicans.

Andy Favor


I did not hear what happened with your second attempt at getting the hemp bill passed. Did the Governor sign it?

I truly do not understand Army's position.

Army, do you not agree that turning drug sales over to the black market increases access for kids.

The black market puts dealers in the schools and in the neighborhood parks where they target kids. If a dealer had to have a license they would have something to loose if they sold to children. And they would not be distributing from street corners and parks.

Really real

Great, so Harman is running again - okay, we get it. I hardly think DeVore was "timing" anything. The CRA scorecard stats were posted all over this blog by lot's of folks. A politician's record stands for what it is and that's always been Harman's real problem. Being "really real" he's moderate at best...I just wish he would stop calling us all stupid by proclaiming how conservative he is.


Assemblyman Chuck DeVore is good man and we are here to give him support.

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