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December 04, 2007



Circus of the absurd: Probolsky works for Janet; Probolsky offers "bounty" on Grindle; Grindle files complaint against Trung to be "fair" to Janet.

These are strange and troubling times.


What I find incredible is that she believes that these are actually even close to the same circumstances. Red, you are right on the circle of OC politics life lol.

Go Away

Go back to your work at Van's DO. I am sure there is plenty to do, although attacking Janet seems to be number one on the list.


LOL that was an attack???? Boy, you better grow some thicker skin come June of next year, I suspect it will be a bloody campaign.


Jubal, was that you who took off my comment and Tomahawk's libelous statement? Or is Tomahawk deleting things willy-nilly? Because I thought the protocol for blogging was you strike through an incorrect statement and apologize for it rather than trying to push it down the memory hole?

What is Shirley smoking? The two situations are light years apart in character. Flowerzzz and RP are right this is what I would call a frivolous action. janets action s were outright and deliberate where as Trungs was unintentional and he also rectified the situation within the required time where as janet took two months. Something stinks here.


Something stinks here.

It's Shirley Grindle, I'm sure.

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