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December 04, 2007


Random GOPer

......so? I don't get the point of this post.


The point is not being candid enough acknowledge the obvious.


Jon, this is a CHEAP posting. I also had an opportunity to talk to one of them after the debate and he has clearly indicated to me that he was a long time school friend to Curt. He also said he came to support Curt voluntarily and Curt made him really proud during the debate. Jon, just admit that Curt has done a excellent job at the debate night and start trusting people with clean heart. Curt, win!


I am disappointed in ugly smear tactic employed by certain unqualified individuals. We need to have a fair and clean competition in AD60 Primary. Stick to the issues and support the candidate with strong republican vision.

Random GOPer

Jubal, who are you to say he wasn't "being candid enough [to] acknowledge the obvious"?

Do you know those men or their relationship with Curt? Do you know who they support in this race and why?

Just because they work for his security detail and he does bail bonds does not mean they are not necessarily his supporters OR that this is post-worthy. Next.

One Who Knows

Either Councilman Hagman's supporters are doing him a grave disservice by protesting this minor tweak way too vociferously or Curt has really thin skin.

If it's the latter, he will be eaten alive in Sacramento. If it's the former, let's hope they become more productive citizens real soon.


Random GOPer:

No doubt Hagman's security detail could also be genuine supporters and have forged friendships with him.

But if I had a four man security detail with me, and someone asked who they were, a candid response wouldn't be "Oh, they're some guys I know."

That said, how many Assembly candidates do you know of who arrive at a candidate forum with a security detail?

I'd say that's blogworthy. But that's just me -- the guy who's been running this blog for the last three-and-a-half years.

And OWK is right -- if you guys can't take some ribbing over this...

Allan Bartlett

Why does Hagman roll with a posse like he's some kind of NBA star or dignitary? That's just weird. You're running for Assembly Curt, not the Presidency.


I did not realize selling bail bonds and running ofr Assembly at the same time was so dangerous. Maybe he should run for OC sheriff!

I think this a perfectly appropriate blog. It provides some insight to the canidate. Come on a security detail with ear pieces. This guy has some fantasies.....like the muscle is the secrect service and he is the President. The black suits fit the Secret Service profile. He defintely wants people to think he is special. Voters should keep that in mind.


Jubal, why don't you come out clean by saying that you are supporting Larry Dick? Playing dirty for Larry will only result in harming your candidate in long run. I am happy to hear that you have been running this blog for three and half years, you should be very proud of yourself. Do you feel better? I'll charge you later for my lip service.


One Who Knows, I strongly advise you to change your blog name. Unfotunately, readers can see that you severely lack the basic knowledge needed for being a civilized republican. Why don't you ask these questions directly to candidate Curt Hagman instead of keep guessing? Do you need his phone number? Change your name to "One Who Don't Know"


jaime- what up with all the hostility? It does seem odd to us lowly OC residents to show up to a debate with security, that from what I hear had to search the place, and find all the exits before Hagman was allowed to enter the building. He's not runnin' for president for cripes sakes. Please explain why he needs so much security?



"Come clean?" I've already informed readers, on at least a few AD60-related posts, that I'm supporting Larry. That's not exactly news, and I don't need to mention it in every single post.

Like Flowerszzz said -- what's with all the hostility? And the "playing dirty" accusation? I'm not the one who showed up a candidate forum with a security detail.

Jon Fleischman

My observations weren't really meant as a criticism of Curt Hagman. Rather, it was meant as an entertaining observation of something unusual.

These folks may, in fact, have been friends of Curts. That said, they all wore matching dark suits, had the same matching lapel pins on, and all sported the same crew cuts. They were seemingly "stationed" all around the room in key areas (such as by the door).

I guess I can add that at one point, one of them went and got the Hagman family and brought them to their reserved seats.

Again, to each their own. But we bloggers are pundits of a sort, and this was too irresistable to not mention!


"they all wore matching dark suits, had the same matching lapel pins on, and all sported the same crew cuts"

Jon, the one and only time I saw you, you were dressed in almost exactly the same way: attending a Supervisor's meeting on behalf of your former boss - who shall (mercifully) remain nameless. For all I know you were packin' heat, too.

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