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November 13, 2007


Hold your horses. A special election will never be an issue. Vultures like Bill Hunt and the federal government can say all they want about our sheriff. Until I start seeing some proof I will support the man I voted for, Michael Carona. Where's the proof? If you are going to critisize someone should'nt you have some proof? I hope the sheriff sues them all after he defeats these baseless charges.

Keep the faith sheriff. You have ours 100%.

Monkey Business

There are many positive and admirable traits that can be attributed to Bill Hunt. Thoughtfulness and deliberation are clearly not on that list. If Sheriff Carona leaves office there will most certainly be a debate on who should replace him. The fact that Hunt spouted off before a board whose majority ignored his rash advice will likely be remembered.

Maybe his motto for the next election/appointment should be: Ready, shoot...aim.

rich white guy

When Attorney General Bill Lockyear allowed reporters to view a report into his investigation of a 2003 incident in the City of San Clemente that involved Gregory Haidl, the AG stated the incident was mishandled through improper police procedures and thus created the impression of favoritism within the Sheriff's Department. Lt. Bill Hunt is named as one of the Sheriff's officials that acted improperly.

Headlights On!

Total Housecleaning

We need a total housecleaning. Ralph Martin is the breath of fresh air we need in Orange County.


I was not impressed with Hunt, especially after he was the one who mishandled Haidl; nor was I impressed with Martin. I continue to stand behind the man I voted for- Sheriff Carona. I'm tired of watching Norby and Moorlach spin around Carona's current problem. Carona should be commended for putting up with all this political spinning and I hope he stays sheriff until he has had a chance to defend himself.

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