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November 15, 2007


Humm...does Todd Spitzer, Lou Correa, Van Tran ring any bells? They use the offices they get as stepping stones to higher offices, why should Dunn be any different?

Dan Chmielewski

Matt -- wouldn't this same standard by aplied to Republican office holders as well? Janet Nguyen was an office jumper too, wasn't she?


They're all office jumpers. But moving down in order to move up suggests serious office-holding addiction.


red took the words right out of my mouth


Well, from DanC and an anon, we have the old "Well, what about so-and-so? They did it!" response, but thus far not a single, solitary person willing to state their name and say, "Yes, if Dunn runs its because he wants to be a Supervisor, and not simply as a platform for higher office."

That says a lot.


Rich White Guy:

This post has nothing to do with Mike Carona, so I deleted your comment. I don't mind when comment threads veer off in different directions, but you're spamming the same comment on different posts.

No more warnings.

the serrach

no more warnings!

you crack me up jubal.

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