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November 22, 2007


ULI has got abig surprise coming if they think the Westmister City Council is going to kick all the seniors out of their mobil home parks to build a disneyland based on Saigon.

Personally I find it very disturbing that the ULI Report caters to the Vietnamese Community and putting forth the best effort of Westminster's Tax/Redevelopment dollars to make it into a mecca/tourist attraction. Everyone that lives in Westminster and surrounding communities knows they don't carry their weight in taxes and are generally preverse to paying taxes. Yet we are expected to blossom this little saigon into something great?

Whatever happened to WESTMINSTER, the ENGLISH style WESTMINSTER with a ROSE made by the American Rose Society especially for the WESTMINSTER City's 50ieth birthday? What is wrong with a report that conversely attempts to promote the ENGLISH that WESTMINSTER is named after? We have a small section of tudor style buildings near WESTMINSTER and Beach Blvd. Even if you don't like tudor, it's still more in line with English and WESTMINSTER English at that. We (the european Americans) don't have many restaurants to choose from or any hotels or any hot spots like they want to plan for Little Saigon! So what the heck is wrong with this City Council anyway? Why aren't they taking care of WESTMINSTER instead of little saigon? Who's paying the freight here and, who by the way, FOUNDED WESTMINSTER? Still a majority of AMERICANs, of European ancenstry. Yes even if you go back to the Mexican American's ancestry you will find that they speak SPANISH, and I believe, (although I admit to being geographically challenged) that Spain is in Europe?

Let's do something for the ENGLISH WESTMINSTER and quit catering to Little Saigon!!

Here! Here! I agree with the last post! I'll tell you what's wrong with promoting good old Westminster!! It doesn't squeak enough! You have heard the story about the squeakiest wheel getting the most grease? Well the rest of Westminster (outside of the Vietnamese population) just merrily floats along without much regard to what is happening in Westminster, it's like they live in their own little bubble!! If they squawked louder (or at all) maybe they'd get some attention!!

Well, for a Sunday morning...this is a new perspective...or maybe just one that has been overlooked for too long.

A to the Apple

Promoting the "English Westminster"? What are you talking about? What is English about Westminster? As far as I know, the city doesn't really have any other reason for a tourist to visit aside from little saigon.

Well it would be a great aspiration...and an American one. It is sad that so many seek asylum in the United States and then want to bring their own ways of life to America, which had already established a way of life, and an American Culture.

And just what is a tourist and what do they do? they go to new places to see new things. So they go to Little Saigon to what? Shop? If they can get the shop keepers to speak to them, or if they can read the signs that might be viable.

Westminster has a Civic Center in Tudor; nothing to tour there, true. But perhaps Westminster politicians could think about promoting more "English" and spending more $$ on making Westminster into "English" with some real English pubs, and other venues that reflect the English heritage that shows some fascimile of what the City is named after. Little Saigon is spread about three cities, has it's own zone, like Little Korea in the Garden Grove area. There are still a lot of European Americans that miss seeing their own heritage reflected in Westminster, and more and more that of Southeast Asia. Let's spread a little diversity the American way too....

Park Resident

Concerned Park Resident

For those of us living in the Mobile Home Parks in the area, and specifically in the one mentioned in the Viet paper, we have already been damaged in terms of home valuation. What is the value of a home in an area openly discussed as a "redevelopment"?

My concern is that if such a redevelopment would occur that the current homeowners be adequately compensated for the home and all associated relocation expenses. I am not opposed to redevelopment, and will voice my opinion in public hearings. However, the presentations made to date have been made without adequate notification to affected residents.

I understand, that of this date there has been no official notification to the City by a prospecive developer, and therefore all is speculation at this point. I would like to know if there are any "unofficial" plans in work for this area, and how it might affect me and other affected home owners in the area.

I believe several years ago a Mobile Home Commission along with a group of Citizens for Good Government demanded, and got, a Mobile home ruling or some type of protection in law or in the City's resolutions about this. I'll try to find out more about it but I think the City has this in their records. If you look at the long range plan of Westminster however, you will find that ALL Mobile Parks in town are potential "redevelopment" sites because they are not owned by the park residents but by a corporation or an individual. It's harder to take property by eminent domain when individuals own it. You might think about grouping together and buying your own park if thats even a remote possibility.


Hm... interesting critique of ALL immigrants who have ever made America their home to say that "It is sad that so many seek asylum in the United States and then want to bring their own ways of life to America, which had already established a way of life, and an American Culture." I guess it depends on how each of us defines "American Culture." Or did you mean to say "mainstream corporate racist white-male American Culture"? If the latter is the case, please ask the native peoples how they define "American Culture."

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