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November 29, 2007


One Who Knows

The only important press release will be the one issued by Chuck DeVore.

Does Assemblyman DeVore run for relection? Or does Senator Harman get a new license plate with an "R" (for retired) after the S 35?

Give It A Rest


So Senator Denham is under siege now... which is costing Ackerman $$$. And Strickland and Muldonado are well known targets for the Democrats after that.

Last thing we need is a primary against a guy who is ACTUALLY VOTING THE SAME AS EVERY OTHER REPUBLICAN SENATOR.

For the love of the party, give it a break!


Anyone else sick of the whole Harman thing?

I mean, what more are we going to ask: the man votes among the most conservative in the senate. We see the rankings posted here all the time.

It isn't just stupid now, it's boring.



Agree 'Give it a rest':

We got some real races here where OC looks like we are going to lose more of our delegation.

One of our senators is now from San Diego - Wyland. Now there is a good chance the Huff seat is going to a gentleman from LA and the Spitzer seat to Riverside. Smooooth.

Adam D. Probolsky

Concern over using precious Senate Caucus resources to save Harman's seat is a false argument.

There is no chance of a Democrat winning in the 35th so there is no need for the Senate Republicans to spend a dime defending a weak Republican like Harman.

From Dana Point to Seal Beach...seems like we can find one GOP challenger with a record of voting right AND someone who has a dynamic personality that will bring more people to our party.

Harman only began to vote 'right' when he knew he would have a challenge on his hands. He has yet to stand before GOP voters in a Primary Election.

If he succeeded in getting elected to a second term, he would have no incentive to vote correctly, he would be in his last term in the legislature and be entirely insulated from public rebuke.

Adam Knows Better

I know Adam. I like Adam. But Adam knows what he just wrote is not accurate.

The policy of the senators is to defend incumbants first, even in a primary. Then open seats. Then pick ups.


I thought the rule was the Senate or Assembly, and the GOP, defended incoming members who were running for re-election?


Richard that IS the rule.

And with respect to 'zzzzz' I agree, this whole Harmen thing is sooooooooooooo dry now.


Bucher and his buds need to be avenged. Harman beat Righeimer and has never been justly punished. Bucher's self esteem needs a boost.


"Concern over using precious Senate Caucus resources to save Harman's seat is a false argument"

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The Senate is already spending money defending Denham up north. That is draining Senate money, which is by no means endless.

Muldonado comes next, as a sitting senator. Does any damn fool thing the D's wont - since they already have millions set aside - spend here no matter who the Dem candidate here is?

Then Strickland - who I think we'd all like to see in office. Dems have already moved on the seat and are spending there.

Who is at the end of that line? Conservative Strickland. And guess whose rear end defending Harman comes out of? Strickland. Cause Harman comes FIRST -- right next to Denham and Muldo.

This is not a 'false arguement'. This is reality. The Harman seat opens again in 2012 I think -- with new lines that probably will not include south county. That's when Devore or Tran or whoever should run for the seat.

The One Who Really Knows

If Adam knew anything he would know that the Senate Caucus is already spending money on Harman. It is too bad that this money is being diverted from seats that we could lose to the Dems. I hope it is worth losing seats so that Adam and Chuck can get their jollies.

Amen to that

Is it just me or does Sen Harmon bear a striking resemblance to Rev. Lou Sheldon?

One Who Knows

Did everyone notice that in today's News Roundup, there is a story where Senator Harman held a Town Hall meeting yesterday and only one person showed up?

I hope that the article is prominently displayed in the Senate GOP's clipping service which goes to all GOP Senators each morning. Maybe we should send them copies ourselves, just in case eager staffers (who are obviously writing the pro-Harman responses on this blog) decide not to include it.

Senator Harman's colleagues need to know that OC is wildly unenthusiastic about our 35th District representative.

If they spend one dime on trying to get him re-nominated, that's ten cents wasted.

Harman Packs Them In

I just left a Harman event in Irvine, DeVore's home turf, and Harman packed in well over 100 people.

Is Harman's senate record a tribute to his move to the right?

Or is it a tribute to his spinelessness?

The man was cut of the Harriett Weider mold when he was on the Huntington Beach city council, now he's painted as a rock-solid member of the caucus.

If he's so willing to change his stripes, who's to say what he'll do when left unaccountable to the voters by serving out his last term with no ability to run for re-election?


Actually - from a somewhat neutral observation - what you see with Harman is a drift to the right from his time on the council, the assembly, and now.

Seriously, people, at least admit its not the voting record that really irritates some people. After all, and you've seen it on the scores, Harman has been up there with any of the others over the past several years.

What it looks like to the less involved reader is that if you are one of the 'insiders' you get a pass for any sort of crappy vote... but if you dont smoke the pipe you can't be forgiven for even a somewhat bad vote.

suzy smith

I post the following comments and thoughts with some reservation and
reluctance, but felt compelled to do so when a friend of mine who
operates in the greater OC forwarded me this thread.

I find the speculative inside ball being discussed here a bit
sophomoric and beneath some of the folks who are listed above, but the
luxury of working in Sacramento may keep me insulated from the local
political wind blowing down there.

A few points that should be recognized:

Regardless of who is or is not challenged for the 35th—the district
will remain and always remain (God willing) a Republican stronghold.

What is uncertain are the other seats currently held by McClintock,
Margett, Maldonado and Denham. As we all know, the Denham recall is
in a holding pattern, but very much alive. Why? Not because Perata
ran out of money, but rather he is waiting to see if any of the other
seats are within his grasp. If there is an indication that the Dems
can take out one of the other seats the recall will receive a huge
infusion of cash to overthrow Denham. Perata wants this notch on his
bed post before terming out—how do I know? His staff tells me.

The Senate Republican Caucus unanimously endorsed Harman and would
rather focus their energy and resources on retaining the two seat
advantage that they have, not a Republican stronghold whose outcome
will not change the make-up of the caucus.

To this end, if Harman gets a challenger for the upcoming primary a
couple of things will occur. The members will now have to split their
block grants among the challenged incumbents-thus less money for the
one which could go into Dem hands.

Next, since the entire Senate Republican caucus endorsed Harman,
members like Ackerman, McClintock, etc will now have to go to his
district and hold fundraisers and speak at events for him, which they
would rather not have to do—given that it is a safe Republican seat.

Following that the fundraising that would be generated by all the
members in the Assembly and Senate Republican caucuses will now have
to redirected to help protect a sitting incumbent in a safe seat.
That will siphon off critical funding for the seats up for grabs.
While some here appear to dispel that rumor they must be from the OC
and used to driving luxury cars supplied to them by mommy and daddy
because yes –companies, groups and individuals have less discretionary
money then they would like to donate to races, especially given the
fact that a multitude of initiatives and contested seats are competing
for their hard earn dollars. Fiscal conservatives, even in the OC
should know that money does not come from endless supplies.

Next, many who have commented above (apparently from either the
Harman and DeVore camp) that Harman has recently moved to the right in
a desperate attempt to stave off a primary challenger.

The Sacramento perspective is this: Both DeVore and Harman are and
have been solid votes. Since 2000 Harman has voted consistently. The
CRA has awarded him high remarks each year with the exception of
last—not because he deviated, but because the CRA did not count many
of his votes (rightfully so) since he had an unfair advantage on
voting against measures on their scorecard multiple times from each

Is Harman perfect? No. He like every member up here in Sacramento
trips up—yes even DeVore usually caused by poor staff. Going back to
the late Pete Knight, or even Pooch or yes, even Brulte one can find
some bad bills that were either a fee or tax increase or expanded the
size of government. Just this last year, Dutton authored a bill that
redistributed people's wealth—big no, no, but it was quietly swept
under the rug.

The focus of trying to reshape the nature of the debate and say that
Harman has quickly flip flopped is humiliating to those he supposedly
has been supporting all these years and now has turned his back on.
Moreover, his votes would be all over the board, which they are not,
which is why he was unanimously endorsed for re-election.

Is DeVore any better or less—of course not. He is a solid
conservative voice and the people of Irvine are lucky to have him.
But when you hold everyone to a bar and then raise it for another that
is..well possible sour grapes, which leads me to my last and final

Adam, you are a brilliant writer, creative thinker and a true asset
to the GOP. Our Republican principals would (in my humble opinion) be
better served if you were to attack the Dems, not Reps. It is
unfortunate that your comments above do not reflect what you had said
about Harman in the recent past. Up here, we all know why you do not
like Harman and the dynamics surrounding the two of you (and others).
To use this or any other medium to attack any Republican members
because of someone else's low and seedy moral character is a
misappropriation of your talents.

For the rest of you living in the OC snow globe, DeVore or Harman—it
does not matter, but for the other races around the state the
consequences could be devastating. Ackerman knows it and he does not
want it to happen while he is leader and whoever becomes the next
leader does not want to inherit it.

WaaaWaaa Waaa

Some crybabies want payback because Harman defeated Righeimer and Harkey even though they spent millions for their coronation process.

I think it would be funny if these diehards spent millions on another loser to run against Harman in the primary. A fool and their money is soon parted!

One Who Knows

Is anyone else as profoundly insulted by Suzie Smith's post as I am?

Her rational is as follows:

The GOP Caucus Pooh-Bahs have endorsed one of their own for re-election. What a shock!

If anyone dares to run against their anointed candidate, they will be forced to spend campaign money otherwise earmarked for party building and gaining seats, in order to save their chosen one from almost certain defeat in a GOP Primary.

In addition, they will have to visit Orange County (and perhaps learn something about some of our problems while they're here) in order to campaign for their chosen one.

So we OC residents are the bad people because THEY endorsed someone we don't want.

There is a famous two word saying which is very appropriate at this juncture (the last word is YOU!). I shall not use such a saying, however, because of the "family friendly" posture of this blog.


I found suzy's post to be very well written, smart, and urbane. "OC snow globe" - now that's sorta funny - unless you take yourself too seriously.

Dave Swanson

"While serving in the Legislature, Senator Harman has established a solid conservative voting record. "

Actually Harman needs to amend his release to say he's had a conservative record while in the Senate, voting for Gray Davis budgets and wanting to tax diapers isn't exactly conservative. Harman had to learn how to be conservative after Harkey almost knocked him off.


one who knows,
It would be much better if the other GOP Caucus members spend their time in districts that the GOP could lose.

Hayden Fry

100 people at a Harmon event in Irvine? Are you referring to a fund raiser today or to the event sponsored by the Irvine Chamber of Commerce? If the latter, they brought the crowd.

Regards senators supporting their own, less the termed-out who cannot give out of their officer holder accounts, what are we talking about, may be 8 donations for a total of $30,000. $30,000 would hurt other efforts? Or do the senators have a caucus campaign account they can use?


Hayden, yes. The Senate has an 'account' at the CRP.

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