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November 23, 2007


Well unfortunately we all know that the usual outcome is. Plea deals in Federal court are by far the common practice. Th US Attorneys hate going to trial and with minimum sentencing guidelines in place they have the upper hand when it comes to making plea deals. On the flip side, we all saw what happens when the US Attorney go to trial. Look at the Border Patrol Agents in Texas for example. The US Attorney hid discovery and allowed their star witness and so called victim to continue to traffic drugs during the days leading to the trial. The US Attorney is not always the person wearing the clean white hat! By the way we saw what the Federal Government did with their staged FEMA press conference. Bottom line is unless this case goes to trial we will never know what the Feds really had as it related to their evidence in this case.

Stem cells from skin cells!

Jaramillo: Mission Accomplished!

We already know

"Bottom line is unless this case goes to trial we will never know what the Feds really had as it related to their evidence in this case."

We ALL know already from too many credible sources through Carona's term about the scandal after scandal he has brought to OCSD. It started with his hiring of Jaramillo and Haidl. That was HIS fault. What they did they did with HIS nod and approval. The rampant marital infidelity is a well-known fact, as is his wife's activity within the jail commissary and pay phones. So much more is going to come to light if Carona DOESN'T plea bargain.

I don't really care as long as he goes to prison one way or another. The man is a criminal of the worst kind - using the office of Sheriff as a shield to carry out unethical and immoral activity. Shame on Carona.


I wonder how much $ Carona's defense is going to cost him. I'm sure it's going to be well into six figures, maybe more! Can he use campaign money for his defense? If he were to use donations for his defense, would he have to report that money as taxable income?

Even if Carona were to "win" at trial, and that does not mean he's innocent, he's almost assuredly through as sheriff (If he doesn't resign, he'll be recalled!) and he'll be financially devastated. Let's not forget that even if Carona is not convicted, the IRS can still pursue him administratively for back taxes.


What's the deal on the commissary & payphones at the jail. Please explain.

Also Station 18

Carona will take a plea. He will not risk a conviction and losing his 200K a year pension. The Feds have him where they want him. His attorney will get through Carona's ego, limit his exposure to prison and we can finally restore some integrity to the Sheriff's Dept.

To "We already know" besides your moral issues with Carona what are the law violations. Scandals and law violations are different. You have already convicted someone based on your moral standards. Good thing you are so perfect and better yet make sure you recuse yourself from any jury duty should you be called to serve. To "Also Station 18" Ummm how do I say this. Well I'll be blunt a plea would constitute a conviction! You dont make a plea of innocence and the case goes away. Looks like you need to get up to speed on the criminal process.

Also Station 18

You are correct sir. What I meant was I don’t believe Carona would risk going to trial and getting convicted by a Federal jury. He would take a plea deal prior to going to trial. Also a conviction by a jury would mean more time in prison, a plea deal prior to the trial would save him time behind bars.

HID Light

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