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November 02, 2007



that's awesome. she's an awful candidate. do you have video of giuliani lying about cancer survival rates?

Dan Chmielewski

Woould you like Video of Romney telling Massachusetts voters that he supports gay marriage, a woman's right to choose, and rejecting "Reagan-Bush"? How about video of Rudy's views on abortion. Maybe you could ask Fred Thompson about his position on the Soviet Union; he brought it up twice recently veen though its been gone for nearly 20 years. Hell, let's bring out the video of Cheney in 1994 saying invading Iraq would result in a quagmire.

Flip flopping on the issues is so 2004. And the Republican candidates are Olympian flip-floppers.

 fouse, gary c

Hillary's Defense of her Gaffe

It's been a bad week for Hillary Clinton. Seemingly on her way to a Democratic coronation as the nominee for president, she had a horrible debate with her comments about giving driver licenses to illegal aliens in New York. ("I am for it and against it."- or something like that), as well as her weak response to a question as to whether she would agree to the release of documents pertaining to her actions as First Lady. Well she and her defenders have been quick to mount a great defense. First, it was the fault of the media (Tim Russert) for directing hard questions only to her, a woman. Then, it was the fault of her competitors-all men-who have ganged up on a woman. Neither of these arguments holds any water whatsoever.

Let me address the first complaint about Tim Russert. Mr Russert is a liberal Democrat. To his credit, he usually tries to be fair and ask relevant questions, unlike most of his colleagues. As Senator from New York, it was entirely relevant to ask Senator Clinton her opinion of the decision by New York State Attoney General, Elliot Spitzer to give driver licenses to illegal aliens. When she tried to answer the question in her usual evasive manner that would offend no one, she was called on it and Russert, appropriately, asked a follow up question to pin down her position. It should be added that may be the first time any member of the media has ever tried to pin her down with a hard question.

Does Mrs Clinton want to see licenses given to illegal aliens? Of course she does. She doesn't want to offend the Hispanic lobby-not that all Hispanics favor such a move. Also consider this: If Clinton goes up against Giuliani in the general election, she is going to need all the votes she can get to carry New York. Make no mistake. A US state driver license is the main form of picture ID in our country. With that piece of ID, other doors open up-including voter registration, where many states including California, are prohibited from checking a voter's citizenship or even ID at the polls.

Yesterday, Clinton appeared at her alma mater, Wellesley University, where she made a pointed reference to the "Boy's Club"-meaning her male colleagues in the debates- a brazen move to gain sympathy as a woman being ganged up on by the "Boys". It sparked loud applause. Indeed, aside from the fact that Obama, Edwards and Dodd jumped on her during the debate, Obama has now criticized her for wanting to be treated in a preferential manner. His criticism is appropriate. Here is why.

Mrs Clinton is running for President- Commander-in Chief of the Armed Forces. In fact, she is the front-runner by a wide margin. It is she who would take us into war. It is she who we expect to stand up to Iran, North Korea and world-wide Islamic terror. If she cannot stand up to this kind of give and take from her male competitors for the nomination, then how can we expect her to be the strong kind of leader that we need in these troubled times? As Obama said, she cannot say, "Don't pick on me." and expect to be considered a serious candidate for president. As front-runner, she should expect to be attacked by the others.

To me, this is further evidence that Clinton would be annihilated in a debate with any of the Republican front-runners. Behind all the glitter, spin and propaganda about her, she is a dishonest charlatan who cannot be truthful about where she really wants to take this country (into socialism). Her shifty lies and evasions should be obvious to anyone watching her on TV or in person. No wonder many Republicans want her to win the nomination.

gary fouse


Dan Chmielewski -- I do not dispute your claim that presidential candidates change their position on key issues to reflect the mood of the electorate, and Mitt Romney is a perfect example of that.

What Hillary Clinton is being hit on, at least by my observation, is her refusal to take a stance on the question of "Should illegal aliens be giving driver licenses?". If she was supportive of this policy a few years ago but now had a change of heart, then fine, so be it, or vice versa.

What Tim Russert and the rest of the Democratic candidates were hitting Clinton on was the fact that she wouldn't take a position! And no one could understand her evasive answer - your own candidates - Obama and Edwards were slamming her, not the GOP. We simply just highlighted that fact for the rest of the nation to watch.

At least with Romney, we know that he is CURRENTLY against abortion, but two years ago he was "Pro Choice". I want to know where Hillary is now on the question of granting illegal immigrants a legal document.

Dan Chmielewski

Tomahawk -- first off, use your real name; it gives you more credability.

Driver's licenses are issued by states, not the federal government. Where does President Bush stand on this? Doesn't Rudy campaign on the fact that NYC was a sanctuary city? And under the category of really bad analogies is Mike Huckabee's contention that illegal immigration wouldn't be necessary if the millions of babies weren't aborted in America. Non-sequiter if I ever saw one.

I'm not so sure that refusing to take a stance on an issue is the same as flip-flopping.

By all means, point out perceived weaknesses in Democratic candidates; we'll do the same on Republican side.

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