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November 13, 2007


Semper fi

He would be a good choice. But my sources tell me that Doug Storm has absolutely no intentions of being sheriff. But when one is practically stripped of his promised medical insurance, he might have had a change of heart. Maybe he will make a statement soon?

Maddox for Sheriff

And I keep hearing the BOS is going to appoint Ken Maddox as the caretaker. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Top Gun

I think Ken Maddox would be an excellent choice. He is a very loyal and thoughtful friend and I think he would bridge the gap and bring the department folks together during this upheaval.

Bye Bye Mike

I am reluctant to weigh in on this little Ken Maddox boomlet because it could well be tongue-in-cheek. However, at the risk of not getting the joke, let me say that picking an ambitious, controversial City Councilmember to be a care-taker Sheriff would be a terrible idea. Talk about a morale deflator for the troops.

No...it sounds like Mr. Storm, or someone of his ilk would be an excellent choice. But first, Mr. Carona must do the right thing and resign.


Bye Bye - Ken Maddox is not a councilmember.

Bye Bye Mike

See...I told you I wouldn't get the joke.


I don't think Maddox is The Board Chair's favorite person.

won't work

Maddox apparently does not qualify for the same reason Spitzer does not: no recent active full-time duty.

If past elections are the judge a replacement Sheriff will be decided by the OC GOP and Lincoln Club. But then again isnt that how we ended up in this mess in the first place? Look at what is going on with Moorlachs self appointed Treasurer Chriss Street. Will this County ever learn from its mistakes?

It appears that this County has demonstrated what happens when one single party dominates the political landscape. We have a two party system in place to provide the necessary checks and ballances and disagreement to create a healthy atmoshphere for the citizens. Whether Democrat or Republican total domination creates an atmoshere that political figures are untouchable.
If Carona resigns, which is a monumental if; the Board of Supes should be very careful about who they appoint. An appointee from the good old boy club has political disaster written all over it for this board.

Art Pedroza

Ken Maddox would be a great choice, if the Sheriff is expected to run DARE puppet shows.

Who the heck is Ken Maddux? How about a truely suprise move by the BOS and appoint a minority to head the department? Maybe a African-American or Asian-American. that could lead to a fresh start.

Politically Incorrect

Appoint a black or an Asian simply because they are black or Asian? Wow. Now that's ignorant. See how well Willie Williams and Bernard Parks did for L.A.P.D.? Yeah. That worked out really well (tongue firmly in cheek).

Why don't we pick highly qualified first, and then worry about political correctness later? Oh, because that's not the social-driven agenda the ignorant or democratic party voters support.


I don't see why the supes want to control the ocsd. the investigation showed no problem with the current sheriff's dept so why don't they just let the undersheriff and assistant sheriffs do their jobs that they have been trained for.

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