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November 03, 2007


What the heck is the "Orange County One Clap"???

Scott Graves

Please correct me if I have the name a bit wrong...
I think it is a Scott Baugh invention. Whenever he is the Master of Ceremonies at an event and he's required to introduce the laundry list of local elected officials in attendance, he tells the audience to do the "Orange County One Clap," one clap for each name. It's awkward as hell, but saves a bunch of time.


Actually it was started by Fuentes not Baugh.


KABC has really gone down the tubes though. Since they signed on with the Dodgers, expect to hear less and less of Elder and Rantel (the reason they dumped the Dodgers in the first place). Now, a Joe Torre-led Dodger team is going to be fun to listen to, because I can't stand Larry Elder. But Al Rantel is a pretty straight-up kind of guy and it's a shame that he will be preempted most of the summer, much like poor Mr. KABC.

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