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November 07, 2007


One Who Knows

Mimi Walters is the obvious choice of groups such as the New Majority, the Lincoln Club, CWLA and the Orange County Republican Party.

She's paid her dues in the Assembly. She works hard. She's a team player. She's easy to get along with. She's a conservative whom even liberals like. She's a good fundraiser. And...she's a woman!

Harry Sidhu needs to stop listening to those who whisper in his ear that he can win this race. Councilman Sidhu can not, and will not, defeat Mimi Walters in a Republican primary.

My concern is that Harry will get so invested in his campaign that he will have no option but to start trashing Mimi over some obscure votes she cast two, four or six years ago. Or make some outlandish claims of her being a closet liberal.

If he doesn't "drive up Mimi's negatives", Harry's support will be somewhere in the 25% range. With a $million or so dollars, he might get up to 40%-45%.

So he has two choices. Go negative early and often, or be an asterisk. Of course the third option is to opt out. Which I would strongly advise him to consider.


Let's not forget that Mimi Walters is a "member" of New Majority and has invested a great deal of money in that organization as a member.

Endorsements alone do not win a race, as "One Who Knows" should know.

"One Who Knows" should also know that Mimi Walters has a tough contender in Harry Sidhu.

Harry has alot of folks that are "wild" about him and don't call this race on early endorsements - as these eggs won't hatch until next June.

Go Harry!

I Wonder

Actually the vote was pretty split.

The interesting thing about 'one who knows' comments is he (or she) brings up some 'obscure' votes. What votes are we talking about here?

Wasn't There A Poll

Wasn't there a poll a couple months ago that showed these two pretty equal?

'And... she's a woman'

Ummmmm.... what else would SHE be? And why should that matter?

Long-time politico

'One's' analysis is close, if a little pessimistic regarding Councilman Sidhu. If this race materializes it will be expensive and negative; and negative from both sides. And 'One' is correct to note Assemblywoman Walters' gender; TNM is fixated upon supporting women.

As a self-identified conservative as the term is currently in vogue, I am repulsed by the probable blood letting. The good news is that both of these fine public servants are solid conservatives and the taxpayers win either way.

Just a thought. . . Wouldn't Councilman Sidhu make an outstanding candidate to run against Loretta? Anaheim overlaps much of that district (I think) and I suspect that Governor Jindal of Louisiana would be a potent national fundraising chair for that campaign.

Been Around

Walters is a tough campaigner who got to the Assembly by beating the incumbent Chair of the Board of Supervisors in the overlapping district. She also has the checkbook to do what's needed if Harry actually stays in the race.


"Walters is a tough campaigner who got to the Assembly by beating the incumbent Chair of the Board of Supervisors in the overlapping district"

Tom Wilson? That was like hitting a chocolate eclair with a baseball bat.

Been Around

He may have been an eclair but his name ID was probably 90% and he had big-name consultants and lots of money.


Actually, remember in the 73rd race there was a conservative from oceanside who came in first with election day votes.

One Who Knows

Hey Actually:

Candidates who come in first on election day votes are usually loosing candidates who failed to run an effective vote-by-mail campaign.

See, for example, the results of the 1st Supervisorial District special where Tom Umberg got the most election day votes followed closely by Carlos Bustamonte. They were both trounced by Janet and Trung who ran phenomenal vote-by-mail campaigns.

The bottom line? Winning candidates (like Mimi) make sure their supporters vote long before election day.


Actually, 'one who knows' I was merely pointing out the race for the 73rd was a three way race... a race in which Wilson the liberal came in 3rd to Walters and a broke Oceanside candidate.

But you do raise a point in re early voting. Sidhu isnt a liberal, and he isnt broke, right?


I was at TNM debate and Mimi clearly beat Harry. Harry is a fine candidate and I hope he goes further politically.

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