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November 20, 2007



Good luck up north Kellee.

Have fun with Lola... oh ya, and Bryan too.

Proud to know Tim

So what's your point about her proudly being Tim Whitacre's alternate? I guess that doesn't say much about her and her husband Brian, who both know and respect him. There are a lot of people on our committee who are like minded with Tim but we either don't know how to stand up to the leadership or we're too intimidated.

And, since you're obviously taking a jab with that remark, Tim was right all along about Carona and was the only one who stood tall and said so. He is owed an apology by those who tried to malign his good character and integrity, beginning with our Chairman.


Tomahawk, I served with Kellee Lanza: I know Kellee Lanza; Kellee Lanza is a friend of mine. Tomahawk, you're no Kellee Lanza!


Poster 2:39 pm

Take a chill pill. It was a joke on Tim, someone who I know and like.

Steve D

This post is to say thank you to kellee for all her help over the last 9 years.

People show some class and keep Tim comments out. That includes you Tim.

Thank you Kellee and good luck

Thank you Kellee for being an outstanding public servant and dedicated party volunteer. You will be missed in OC, but also a great addition to Sacramento.

George Andrews


Sacramento is very cold in January (in comparison to sunny Orange County). Bring a jacket

Best of luck in your new job!

We will all miss you and Brian.

Tim Whitacre

Kellee is an awesome lady and is married to great guy as well. I was proud to have her as my alternate and am sad to see her go. She was a great asset to the Congressman's office and I'm sure will be missed there sorely as well.

May God Bless your new chapter in life as you and the big guy start a family up north. Don't be gone too long.

Semper Fi, Kellee,


(No worries on the comment, Tomahawk)

Truong Diep

Kellee is a great gal and a good contact in the Rohrabacher office. The GOP is losing another reliable voter in Santa Ana. Come back and visit us.


It's my experience that it's seldom to find a Congressional staffer who "gets it" politically at the local level. Kellee was one of those people.

I'm sure she will be dearly missed at her office and in Orange County. Best wishes and safe travel Kellee.

Saulo Londono

I'm sad to see you go Kel, but I'm very happy for you.

Thank you for all the great advice. I'm sure to keep calling :)

Ethan Temianka

Adios, Kellee. I'm sure you and Bryan will be down here plenty though. Wish you both the best.

Kellee Lanza

Thank you to everyone for the well-wishes. Speaking for the both of us, Bryan and I will miss all of you.

With that said, don't count us out. Between family and friends, our trips to Orange County will be numerous. And I expect to get phone calls when any of you are in Sacramento, even if it's just to grab a drink or a quick lunch.

I'd especially like to thank Kathleen Hollingsworth, Alberto Sandoval, Greg Haskin, and Marcia Gilchrist. They each took a chance on me and allowed me to learn and experiment my way into becoming a staffer. I could not have asked for better mentors.

This would be incomplete without expressing my gratitude to Congressmen Rohrabacher, Cox, and Royce. I learned so much from them and will never forget their dedication to their constituents and this country.

I could go on and on with individual thanks to all of you, but keeping it short and sweet, thank you. It's been a memorable nine years.

Please don't leave me.....

Travis Norton

Congratulations Kellee on joining Bryan in Sacramento. Best of luck to you as you try to deal with the shift from the coastal to inland CA. Take care.

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