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November 26, 2007


The Mechanical Eye

Ohhh, scary. God save us all from San Francisco and those icky gay people! The traditional family is doomed!

Does this fellow think he can literally scare people into supporting him on this silly venture? Not the way to build long-term success, I think.


silly ploy

Sounds like a desperate appeal to be relevant. Larry failed to rally people behind his campaign and now he is trying to get them to rally around something else. I wonder how much money he had to spend for the silly title. If the initiative fails to qualify will Larry Dick be considered a failure too.


It's a shame that Larry Dick calls himself a Republican when he is advocating for the government to be even more involved with our lives by asking our government to limit what our children learn in schools to what him and other political preachers believe.


Good lord, is this what Larry Dick has to do to draw attention to his campaign?

Oh and yeah, this initiative has no chance of qualifying. Talk about pandering...


What's "normal heterosexual instruction"? And don't teachers get arrested for that?

Real Goldwater


It's SB 777 that places limitations on what can be taught. You should reserve your outrage for the liberals who use bills like this to impose political correctness on curriculum.

Richard Rios


I agree with Real Goldwater. Your comments do not correctly address the issue of SB777. The bill will impose greater control on many different facets of our education system.

From a historical perspective, the bill would open the door for equal representation of events. So, if a history book wrote about George Washington and his wife it would have to also have equal mention of alternative lifestyle couples of that time period. This is not a reasonable or accurate representation of that time period.

Think of the fiscal impact if someone wanted to enforce the costs of repurchasing text books in our schools. They are in trouble enough and considering the fiscal emergency the State of California will be in next year do we really want to open that door?

I am more concerned with teaching our kids facts and not worrying about political correctness or whose feelings it might hurt.

Additionally, the bill opens the door for transgender adolescence to use opposite sex lockers. Basically, since there is not litmus test so to speak, if a high school linebacker wanted to hang out in the locker room while the cheerleaders where showering he could just say he "feels" like a female that day. The school would be restricted from denying him access because it might infringe on his right to declare his sexuality.

There is more to consider her than the feelings of a minority. What about the safety and privacy of our female children. Don't their 'feelings' count?

This is a VERY bad bill for our kids, our schools, and sets a despicable precedence on big government telling us how to raise our kids.

BTW, yes it will get the signatures necessary.

Richard Rios

Crystal Garrett

I am not comfortable with my daughter changing clothes along side a male, who has a penis, in the girls locker room. I agree that the feelings of the female locker room should be considered. I personally do not want to share the bathroom with a man that feels he is a woman. Is that discrimination? Is it violation of free speech for my children to say Homosexuality is not what God has planned... in a public school...
Why is the Bible illegal but my children must learn about "alternative lifestyles?"


Crystal, you must seriously consider some sort of intellectual collaboration with rich white guy. The two of you could really come up with something magnificent.


I'm completely confused. I thought California schools were failing. Why would California want to spend valuable instruction time talking about non essentials? To me, the essentials are Math, Language Arts, History, Physical Education, and Science. Am I missing something here? How can educating our children about sexuality improve mandated test scores and drop out rates? I'm embarrassed that our schools are amongst the worst performing in the nation. Exactly what is the percentage of California's budget that is allocated to education? Perhaps an audit of that allocation is warranted. Exactly what is this sexual orientation program going to cost the state of California?

I'm also wondering where a state that is in a deficit, finds money to cycle out curriculum to feature the homosexual/transgender lifestyle. Maybe that's a big priority to special interest groups, but it's not exactly a priority to me. Everything costs money. I'd rather see a transit system or the promised Bypass actually come to Lincoln. What a waste of money. When your state is in the hole, you do not throw away perfectly good textbooks to throw in fluff.

This makes no sense. Could somebody help me understand.


Why didn't the people of Calfornia get to vote on SB777? This bill affects all public and charter schools.

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