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November 21, 2007


Tired of the political manuevering

Thank you for not endorsing Hunt. I think Anderson was right on the mark with his statements.

Tim Whitacre

What is electioneering is the fact that Jack Anderson, who himself is considering running for Sheriff, showed up in uniform and campaigned against Bill Hunt by reading some talking points put forth by Team Carona. It seems to me there are some possible violations of the law in his doing so in uniform on behalf of the OCSD. I for one plan on investigating this further.

Additionally, Jack Anderson is quoted as saying, "... the investigation had concluded that demotion was proper,..." WHAT "INVESTIGATION?" We're talking about a Carona "internal investigation" here folks which means at best, Carona's outside counsel - paid for by us, the taxpayers and who stands to gain a lot of money by any lawsuit brought forth regardless of the outcome, advised Carona to take the unforgivable action of placing Lt. Hunt on leave within 15 hours of the polls closing on election day.

Does anybody other than those who still think OJ Simpson is innocent, believe there was any OBJECTIVE "Internal investigation" of then Lt. Bill Hunt???

The prepared remarks FOR Jack Anderson BY Team Carona then stated, "... it is inappropriate to undermine the men and women of the Orange County Sheriffs Department in furthering a political agenda that does not in any way directly benefit the city." ???!!!

Are we talking about the same men and women who endorsed their Lt. Bill Hunt for Sheriff over the federally indicted Carona?Are THEY really the ones who would be "undermined" here? Morale within the OCSD is at all time low thanks to one man - Carona. People are retiring at a record pace thanks to one man - Carona. Nobody wants to join the OCSD thanks to one man - Carona.

Let me remind everybody once again - Just like John Moorlach warned us about the problems within the Treasurer's Office and the resulting bankruptcy, so too did one man warn us about the culture of corruption with the Carona administration and the resulting federal indictment that is only the BEGINNING of exposing the spread of that culture of corruption. That man is Bill Hunt. One man from within the ranks stood up and told us all like it was and what should be done about it. He knew his stance could very well cost him dearly, but this husband and father of four did the right thing anyway. Bill Hunt is a cops cop. He saw corruption within and sought to do something about it. We all owe the man a debt of gratitude. He should be rewarded rather than allowed to have his stellar record and commitment to the highest standards of law enforcement maligned by the federally indicted Carona or those carrying water for him.

The lawsuit brought forth by Bill Hunt against Mike Carona is justifiable and understandable. Furthermore, it has been given merit to proceed through the federal courts.

Now the question remains, Do we let a few Republican power brokers and a few in the incumbancy protection club chase us away using the false "presumtion of innocence" myth on behalf of Carona, or do we stand up and say ENOUGH to the political manuevering and character assassination attemps brought forth on us who dare to expose corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement in Orange County?

While I knew nothing of what the City of San Clemente was considering, I know enough of what Carona and those close to him are about. Nothing is beneath them as they desperately grasp to hold on to power they abuse. I'm sick and tired of this and am about ready for a RECALL of Mike Carona.

It's time to restore Integrity and Trust to the Sheriff's Department

Semper Fidelis,

Tim Whitacre

Common Sense

The council voted not to send an endorsement letter to the Supes, which was clearly the right decision. Regardless of how you feel about Mike Carona, it is wholly inappropriate for a city council to endorse a candidate for an office when there isn't even a race for Sheriff currently taking place.

In the event that the Sheriff resigned or was fired, wouldn't it be prudent for the City to wait and find out who was running to replace him before committing to any particular candidate? Shouldn't the other candidates be provided an opportunity to seek the same endorsement? Or is it all about furthering the agenda of one candidate? This agenda item was nothing more than an attempt at cronyism for a personal friend of one council member.

As Jubal pointed out, If Hunt has the personal support of the city council, they can individually lend their names to his effort, but when you represent the city, good governance should win out, and apparently it has.

And Jack Anderson is an objective source? Give me a break. I wonder if as one of Carona's assistants he is party to lawsuit against the county. Any info on that?

He (Anderson) said the investigation had concluded that the "demotion was proper". For what? Calling out Carona as corrupt? Federal investigators have come to that conclusion themselves. Perhaps Anderson would like them to be demoted/silenced also but fortunately he lacks the juice to accomplish that.

This entire group leading the sheriff's department is out of control. A full house cleaning is required.

Allan Bartlett

Is this the same Jack Anderson that said he had to recuse himself this past Monday at the Central Committee meeting because he said it was a conflict of interest for him to judge Mike Carona? Now he's going down to the San Clemente City Council Meeting in uniform to rail against Bill Hunt? What am I missing here? I smell hypocracy.


Tim, How does Bill overcome his alliance with Jaramillo and his outward praise of Carona after he was promoted to LT? Remember that Bill praised Carona long after he was engaged in shenanigans. Also, Bill was not the only wanguard in the department. Many others warned of Carona's activities.

Also Station 18

What is this alliance you speak of? Thanks to Carona the Sheriff's Dept. was being run like the Mafia. And with the friends Carona kept its no wonder. Everyone had to kiss the ring and go through Jaramillo to get promoted, including Anderson. It was the system Carona allowed.

Hunt broke free of the system and exposed Carona for what he was and is. Now it appears as if Anderson is pulling the same stunts as Carona did. Does anyone else see Schroeder's fingerprints on Anderson? If Anderson is allowed to become Sheriff of OC then nothing will change. Anderson is Carona's clone, just a little taller.

The Sheriff's Dept needs a clean sweep of its upper management. Get rid of the current team and rid the Sheriff's Dept. of Team Schroeder.

re Musing

"Musing" should be called "Lying."

Know em all

Your almost at the point of sounding like Finn...I agree with everything you said except your silly Perry Mason moment about Anderson wearing a uniform, so what..He is on duty when he decides, I know your comparsion is to Hunt making statements, but Anderson is two ranks higher, and addressing a council reference a potential lawsuit, sometimes you impress then disappoint me with your lack of knowledge.


re Musing,

Please expose specific lies you find in my post. Remember that all Hunt's activities are well known within the department. Many of his statements were published.


Station 18 is right on. Bring in leadership from out-of-county.

San Clemente Constituent

San Clemente lost a valued public safety leader when Team Corona illegally punished Lt. Hunt hours after the election. The SC City Council needs to show leadership in the face of the debacle on this and too many issues of corruption and cronyism that Team Corona fostered at our expense, county wide. Perhaps the letter of support for Lt. Hunt was premature. I'll grant you that. But I challenge the San Clemente City Council to publicly call for Corona's resignation to allow for the process of cleansing the Sheriff's Department to start now, not in a year or two when he is either found guilty or accepts a plea bargain. True principled Leadership is sorely lacking here in OC and this is a prime opportunity for the SC City Council and others, to show that they are Leaders and not just political creatures tilting with the winds.....

Hunt did not expose anyone. Hunt was arm and arm with Jaramillo and Haidl and went so far as to try to help Haidl's rapist son during a petty marijuana incident. Why did Hunt do that? Well it was his continuous ring kissing for Jaramillo. Jaramillo used and abused Hunt while Hunt allowed himself to be used until he felt it was time to make a move AFTER Jaramillo was fired.

Tim Whitacre

Hey Jubal, How about imposing your slander rule against the last poster at 3:30PM. There is absolutely no evidence to support his outrageous claims.

Hey Tim. No slander in that comment. CBS News reported that evidence was tampered with and reports changed in the Haidl marijuana case in San Clemente. In addition Haidl's son is a rapist and now sits in State Prison. Bill Hunt met with Jaramillo to gain a Lietenant promotion and get the San Clemente spot. Bill Hunt never came out against the Sheriff or its administration until Jaramillo was fired. Why was that? Yes Tim, it doesnt sound good but it happened. Just because it doesnt sound good for your guy doesnt make it "slander." Look up that word and you will see no slander was involved.

>>>Thanks to Carona the Sheriff's Dept. was being run like the Mafia.

Gee, if Carona was running the OCSD like the Mafia, maybe he thought he was entitled to do so. Take a look at this from his web page on Wiki:

>>>Carona identifies with his Sicilian heritage, having explicitly noted it in his biography on the Orange County Sheriff's Department website. He became a lodge member of the Order of the Sons of Italy in 1999.


Anon at 3:30 and 8:05,

It's easy to spread lies when you're anonymous. If what you said was true, then why didn't the AG interview Bill Hunt in the alleged "investigation" as reported in the OC Register? Get your facts straight you idiot, before you start slandering people on behalf of Carona. The fact that Haidl is now a rapist and is in prison has nothing to do with Hunt. Also, if the crap you claim about Jaramillo was true, the AOCDS NEVER would have endorsed Hunt over your prision-bound Carona.

To 9:54. Calm down and stop spitting venom. Im as anonymous as you are. Im not sure who the AG did and did not interview nor do we know exactly how they conducted their investigation. You seem confused. I was speaking of CBS news and not the Register. Dave Lopez was all over the Haidl incident in San Clemente and some serious issues that occurred with that event. Then of course there were other incidents such as a Hunt campaign contributor/event organizer being stopped for DUI and first being given a ride home, instead of jail, while at the same time Hunt was called at home to see how to handle the incident. Again this was covered by CBS news. If these events did not occur then I have yet to see them disputed as reported by Dave Lopez. I never claimed to be a Carona supporter or detractor. I was addressing Hunt and the San Clemente factor. As for AOCDS, well it was the members who voted for Hunt. A vote that, Im sure, cost AOCDS alot of money for a race that was not. Carona won early in the primary which is traditionally hard to do in a field of 4 candidates.


Tim, tell us how Hunt was really promoted and given the coveted SC position. Are you really going to tell us that he didn't kiss Jaramillo's ring and that he really didn't mean it when he praised Carona?

Wow! Look at the Carona spin machine in desperate action. Captain Jack Anderson stepped in some deep stuff and all you can do is try to deflect.

You people have every reason to be afraid of Bill Hunt because once he is our Sheriff, he will clean our house of those who have abused their badges for power and favor from Carona. Take all your cheap lying shots as you can - it won't matter because the culture of corruption is in its final days at OCSD!

Carona is going to prison and integrity and trust will be restored. Thank God.



You're emblematic of the reason Carona tallied more than twice as many votes as Hunt. Fact is I did not vote for any candidate! You've got to stop hiding behind some weak kid's strategy and confront facts.

Did Hunt kiss Jaramillo's ring, yes or no?

Did Hunt praise Carona at the time of his promotion, yes or no?

Was Hunt censured by the CA AG for extending preferential treatment of Greg Haidl during a South County 11357b cite, yes or no?

There is no way the BOS will appoint Hunt to anything. Those in the know will look to viable candidates and hope influence the BOS toward one. Hunt won't be one.

Don't wait for a recall. Carona will never allow himself to be recalled. He'll resign if enough signatures are collected thereby giving the BOS authority to appoint. Odds are the next sheriff will not come from within.


"There is no way the BOS will appoint Hunt to anything."

That's true. He has an outstanding lawsuit against the County.


OK - enough. I'm editing some of these comments for falling outside the boundaries of the commenting rules. Next person to engage in personal attacks or gossip will be sent to the Village of the Banned.

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