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November 20, 2007



Well, gee, maybe they're just human. Maybe they're angry that their "de facto" police chief was humiliated, demoted, and pushed out the door by a man with the moral fiber of a..hmm - help me out here - a pit bull?

Loyalty? True, it's a very strange concept to contemplate when considering the "morass" created by Carona, Haidl, Jaramillo, Cavallo, and any other unindicted "brothers for life" - ad naseam, ad infinitum. But maybe that's what's behind the agenda item.

And maybe it's a way for a client of the Sheriff's Department to express their complete lack of confidence in the man they hired to provide police services to their city.


Yes, they are human. That is beyond dispute.

But is that your defense?

Maybe next council meeting they can put forward a resolution regarding who they want to win "Dancing with the Stars."

Cities that contract the OCSD have an obligation to insert themselves into matters involving a corrupt sheriff. As paying customers they have a right to be pissed and express their desire for a new top cop.

Unlike those who will never be convinced of Carona's guilt (Rich White guy), the city appears to be being pragmatic. This sheriff's days are numbered. It is not too early to start about the next one.


Yes, but Hunt did align himself with Jaramillo for promotion, and he did praise Carona after promotion. Hunt has his baggage as well.


Is it possible to bring Gates back until the next election?

Hunt kissed Jaramillo's ring to get promoted to Lieutenant AND get the Chiefs spot in San Clemente. In addition Hunt aided Haidl's rapist son when he and a group of pals were caught with maijuana in San Clemente. Yes, absolutely Hunt was in bed with Jaramillo and Haidl and has no business casting stoned at Carona.

Know em all

Musing...You've got to be kidding...Through the late 70's, 80's and 90's, Gates cost the citizens of O.C millions in settlements from violating citizens rights by spying, stealing, and breaking and entering....Or should I say he ordered his secret police to do the dirty deeds....And the BOS paid off on the claims, no questions....This crap has been going on forever, and is common practice in this corrupt county...As the saying goes, just when you think they couldn't possibly do it, you find that's what they do best!


I can't deny your claims, but at this point who does the BOS appoint to fill Carona's pending vacancy, provided a recall does not occur prior? Does it stay within? Does it look without? Walters, maybe? Commander Martin? Who?


Maybe next council meeting they can put forward a resolution regarding who they want to win "Dancing with the Stars."

Yes, they could, but it wouldn't have anything to do with who is in charge of policing the streets of San Clemente.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not cheerleading for Hunt here - never met the man. And I voted for Martin.

I'm just pointing out that the folks in SC who knew him a) seem to have liked and respected him; and b) the Carona-fatigue factor seems to be running deep.

I'm not "defending" the SC CC as much as pointing out the fairly obvious.

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