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November 30, 2007


One Who Knows

"State Sen. Tom Harman held an open meeting with constituents Thursday, but a low turnout prompted him to duck out early."

Is this a precursor to the June 2008 Primary?

I bet that when Assemblyman DeVore holds an open meeting, more than one constituent shows up.

Regardless of whether you blame Senator Harman or his staff for this fiasco, it is clearly indicative of what OC thinks of him.

As for the remarks on the other Harman thread, if the Senate GOP Caucus spends one dime on Harman at the expense of keeping another seat in GOP hands (or, heaven forbid, picking up a seat), then the Senate GOP Caucus is composed of idiots and they deserve to be in the perpetual minority.

WHere is the cover story from the Weekly? The story about the Sisters of St. Joe's union busting behavior?

If you want the OC Weekly, then just point your browser there.

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