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November 28, 2007


One Who Knows

I wouldn't wish getting struck by a hit-and-run driver on anyone...even Shirley Grindel.

But is anyone else concerned that these two women were running on Pacific Coast Highway and then sued the City of Dana Point for $50,000,000 when they got hit? Did they really expect the cars on the Highway to get out of THEIR way?

Why should the taxpayers get stuck for such a bill when they were running in the middle of a street?

There are plenty of other places for runners to run (IE along the beach or a at a public park), they don't need to run down the middle of a major arterial to get their exercise.

What am I missing here?

Jim Lacy

Thanks for spotting the issue, One Who Knows. See my recent post on Flash Report discussing the 50 million settlement.

Not Surprised

Re: the $50 Million settlement

The State of California DMV Handbook states that pedestrians are responsible to walk, or jog, FACING traffic.

Had they done that, they would likely not have been hit.

How much of this payout is Mayor Harkey's doing?

She will be great in Sacto as the kitty to spend from will be much bigger!

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