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November 16, 2007


the serrach

great stuff in the reg article about carona.

"We asked him to submit his resignation," said DHS spokesman Larry Orluskie. "It's not a pre-judgment or saying we find him guilty. But it's the fact that his focus is on his indictment and no longer supporting the department, or the Homeland Security Advisory Council."

Carona spokesman Mike Schroeder responded, "That's just false. He tendered his resignation right away. It wasn't because he was asked to."

a certain somebody is a lying liar.

rich white guy

Political Theatre Continues, Thank You Dept. of Homeland Security

Our Sheriff, Michael Carona, being asked to submit his resignation to the DHS and having his security clearnace revolked can go along side of some of the other theatre productions brought to you by DHS, like:

“DHS to secure the Mexican Border”
“DHS to end “Catch-and-Release” along the borders”
“DHS sets new records for alien removals”
“DHS dismantles one of the world’s most powerful Drug cartels”

Yeah, Sheriff Carona “was asked” to resign. We all know that Sheriff Carona stepped down on his own accord so he could devote his full energy and focus to this latest Firestorm.

DHS, give us all a break from this Political Theatre - we already have PBS!

Headlights On!

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