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November 04, 2007



Art Pedroza said this today on his blog:

I removed several comments that were not pertinent to this thread, and my responses to them.

This is an important issue and I don't want the comments to get bogged down with posts that are irrelevant attacks on me, which is what those deleted posts were.

We have been patient with commenters to a fault. From now own I am going to delete comments that do not pertain to the subject matter of the post in question.

It's good to see Art reveal his hypocrisy for all to see.

How long have we all read him slam OC Blog for deleting some comments, and boast about how doesn't delete them on OJ?

How many times has Art Pedroza posted comments that "do not pertain to the subject matter of the post in question"? He was doing it just the other day on LiberalOC, and when DanC gently chided him for it, Art had a cow.

The Pedroza hypocrisy continues.


Dillow brings up a good point. During the Clinton presidency we were told by the GOP that President Clinton should resign because of his infidelity. Before the blue dress there was speculation but certainly no proof. Yet it has become known that Carona has engaged in infidelity and there is not a peep out of the OC GOP calling for his resignation.

Is it because county Sheriff is a lower office than the President and shouldn't be held to the same standard? Or is it because Carona is a GOP? If infidelity is cause to not hold public office for one individual of one party, should it not be cause for the other as well?

Yet nothing from the Fleischman or Schroeder syncophants. Going one step further. If I were to read the FlashReport as my sole source of news "California's most significant political news" I would've known nothing about this event unless I scrolled more than halfway down the page. His commentary today starts off with, "On this quiet Sunday in early November, it's a pretty quiet day for political news." It's only quiet to Jon. The rest of the OC is very much aware of the events in the last week.

You should not feel butt hurt about Jon Fleischmans omitting the news of the day which is Sherrif Carona. The Flash Report is nothing more than an online version of a tabloid centered on california Politics hell bent on slandering Democrats and shilling for Republicans.

Have you ever read anything on FR that pertains to Dirty Dick Pombo? How about Duke Cunningham before he was busted by the feds? Nada Zip Zilch. FR is not news. Its entertainment.



It's just Art's excuse not to post comments that make him look bad or expose the sweakness of his arguments. He's an intellectual coward, and this is his admission of it.


Never trust a "politician who liked to talk about his Christian faith and family life."

Never fails. The more they talk about their church and "values' the deeper they fall.

Starting with Orange County's own Congressman John Schmitz, whose conservative politics didn’t stop him from getting so much on the side that he produced two children out of wedlock.

And, has anyone congratulated the team at the OC Weekly that has been exposing Carona for several years now?

Do as I say...

I think it is great that on Flash Report, anyone who questions Jon's motives or involvment, gets a word thrashing from Nick Rommero. Jon is a consultant, he will go after everyone that is not paying for his advertising or his advice. He has been ripping apart "RINO's" and "sell outs" since the site went up, yet he is unwilling to even mention when the Sheriff is under Federal Indictment!!! This isn't exactly a subpeona for parking tickets.

Do as I say:
You make my point. Jon Fleischamn is not a serious journalist. He is what you would call an apologist. The Flash Report should be renamed Flush Report. It has no real value in rgards to "NEWS". Its not news. Its PR for those who pay Jon and are of his particular stripe of so called "Conservatism".


Pedrozabot--I know you are obsessed by Art but I think his latest switch(to delete personal attack comments unrelated to the subject matter of the post) is a good(albeit shocking) thing. His blog has been burdened by below the belt and nasty comments that detracts from the issue analysis(some good, some bad, some just bizarre)) that you can catch on OJ. Granted, Art draws incoming fire like candy draws kids, but I think this is a good first step. Jubal and the Liberal OC crew keep a relatively clean ship. Maybe Art's on the road to recovery.

And as for shifting gears, well, its just more evidence that these decline to state folks have a tough time making up their mind. Even Art(except for CPS--Carona, Pulido & Silva).

Hanna- I disagree. Most electeds who talk about their faith and values don't even "fall". For every John Schmitz there was a Charles Wiggins or Gil Fergeson---way too conservative for me but honorable folks who talked about their faith and their politics. Corruption, hubris, hypocrisy, infidelity, and a variety of other sins--or whatever similar term secularists would use--are equal opportunity cancers. They prey on Democrat and Republican, rich and poor, liberal and conservative, pagan and pilgrim.

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