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November 20, 2007


Been Around

Congratulations to Mark Bucher for writing the truth about Mike Schroeder's despicable actions.

have the four indicted CUSD Trustees resigned yet?

OC Madness

Good for Mark Bucher. I wish more people would stand up for what is right rather than what is good for the Schroaders, Baugh's and Fleichman's of the party.

Hurrah Mark! Saying what needs to be said, not that the rest of this party doesn't know what's going on, because they have seen it, but as you so succinctly point out, they ignore it for fear of their own political future.

Being attacked in a recent election myself, and losing the race much due to what I see as tactics of deceit by members known to associate with those to whom you refer; I can identify with what you are saying. Actually I've been saying the same thing on the blog, and actually in some newsprint on occasion. But you have more clout than I do, God Bless You for stepping forward ...

Willie Wonka

Thanks to the folks at Red County for providing a forum that holds elected officials and their circles of insiders accountable. Thanks to Mark Bucher for having the courage to say what needed to be said.


Will Red County offer Mike Schroeder the space in its magazine for a response? I think that would be the fair thing to do.




Not to rain on anyone's parade here but let me just remind people that for every action, there's a reaction.

Someone should remind Bucher of that.

Dan Chmielewski

Kudos to Matt and Red County for running this story. Having the spine to run something like this when other conservative blogs might ignore it (vis-a-vis Carona's indictment) is worthy of respect from all sides of the political spectrum.

Also Station 18


Mark speaks the truth... is that another veiled threat


Threat? I'm no one to make a threat; just pointing out the obvious.

OC Madness


I agree. Why are other blogs ignoring the issue? They love to "hold republicans accountable" most of the time, but not now. It's almost as if they hold their enemies accountable and ignore their indicted friends. They own the printing press...so i guess it's their right. But, i think this shows their real colors.

Scott Graves

Pepin -

Prior to any of these recent developments, I communicated in person and via e-mail to Mike that he has an open invitation to use Red County magazine and the Red County website to communicate on matters of interest to our readers. We have not heard from Mike, but the offer still stands.

Scott W. Graves

One Who Knows


"Not to rain on anyone's parade here but let me just remind people that for every action, there's a reaction?"

Under the circumstances, there is not a jury in all of Orange County that wouldn't construe the above quote as a threat of bodily harm or economic retaliation.

Random GOPer

"One Who Knows":

How is quoting Newton's Third Law of Motion a threat of bodily harm?

I sure hope you don't serve on a Jury any time soon, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Patriot 2

My hat is off to you, Mark, for shining the light of truth about Mike Schroeder. You are a man of integrity and character and we applaud you.


Bravo Mark.

But there was one inaccuracy in the article:

"It is an ugly use of our justice system by two prominent Republicans."

I'll accept "prominent" for Mike, but Trung? It's the wrong adjective, which is the nicest thing I can say.

Well done on the article.

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