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November 02, 2007


Art Pedroza

It appears that Mr. Rackauckas has at last broken free of Schroeder's influence, like King Theoden in the Lord of the Rings films.

T-Rack was once highly regarded for his ethics. Perhaps now he can cast aside Schroeder and get back to the people's business.

A Sheriff that would profit from the death of a Deputy is in no way fit for the job. Leave now Carona and get some physiological help while you are at it (assuming you can find the time between your criminal defense, co-defenant wife and “longtime mistress”).

Fred Smoller

[From the film Cassablanca] Captain Rennault: "I am shocked, shocked, there is gambling going on here!"


i think rackauckas, the board of supervisors and the entire sheriff's department should ALL be invistigated to find out exactly who knew what and when. it's inexcusable that instead of our local da goin after this schmuck it took a conservative administration's fbi to finally step in and say, "enough, already!"

anyone who's read an ocweekly in the last 8 years knows what the sheriff's been up to. the board of supervisors and the da were either grossly ignorant, or in on it. there's just no other possibility. and either way is inexcusable. time to clear out everyone and start over.


so let me get this straight, IF carona is removed, OC will have an openly gay sheriff? how far down from the top brass at the department do we need to scrape to find a leader that fits in with traditional OC values?


i heard on a radio show that carona's attorney argued the sheriff needed to retain his concealed weapon while on bail because his own deputies want to harm him. maybe the sheriff could kill two birds with one stone by joining the witness protection program. he would be safe and we would not have to put up with his antics.

Curious George

Jubal, Thank you for your continued updates on this ever changing drama. But I have one question for you. Has Scott Baugh and/or the OC GOP made any type of comment on this matter, especially after the GOP's embarrassing Do-Over vote to endorse Carona last year?

Just Curious.

Station 18

One of the functions of a leader is to groom a successor. We can only recognize the ineptitude of Carona's predecessor that has resulted in Carona. Storm's a nice guy, but a cop he was not. In fact, he, like Gates, knew little of law enforcement. But that was a perfect match for Gates's legacy, as Gates used to refrain that he was an "administrator" (He managed by intimidation, so his administrative style was more primitive than anything else!) and not a cop. There were a few total-package cops working for Gates who were far more qualified; however, they were devoid of sycophancy skills, a Gates's promotion prerequisite. And let's not forget that Hunt kissed Jaramillo's ring for promotion. In fact, at the time he was rewarded with promotion he championed Carona. So Hunt's comments can only be interpreted suspiciously, as he has exposed himself as opportunist. A real man would have never crawled in bed with Jaramillo for lieutenant bars! Make a deal with the devil and expect to get burned!!!

Know em all

Storm has too much dirt in his past, that's why he dropped out when his time came, plus he too has taken gifts, like others in Command positions...Greed is almost a form of moral cancer...It has affected the brass of the Sheriffs Office for decades, and will continue to do so until the Board of Sups knocks off their own acceptance of "donations". Pretty much, this entire wealthy County government is twisted...Much more negative to come on Carona, but may he rot in hell on behalf of Brad and Rosie Warner.



Stick to commentary on the issues and leave the trampling on people's personal lives or decisions to lesser political candidates. You have your say at the ballot box if you are so inclined not to support a person who is free to make their own choice in such matters. Along with some others who post here, you continue to live up to our low expectations.



i wonder if, before carona's womanizing became not just public, but carved in stone public record, if you were one of his supporters who touted this sheriff's values.
where is the lack of value in being gay? mary cheney didn't use public resources to secure liasons w/mistresses. if you know of some study that proves that gays are more apt to lie, cheat, steal, break vows of monogomy, use thier influence to affect a gang rape trial, and so forth, then i'd love to see it. if no such study exists, then please stop putting down the values of those you know nothing about due solely to thier sexual preferrences. i do not know you, but i am certain such pejudicial judging does not become you. you never know... this woman may be the one that finally fits all local and county authorities with full ins powers, gets rid of the recreational passtimes at the farm, and starts working with the feds to shut down pot clinics in oc. have faith!

Opportunist Martin need not apply

Station 18,

Nice try, Martin supporter but once again you show Ralph Martin's true charcater when he instructs you to try and character assassinate Bill Hunt. You don't realize just how utterly rediculous your statements are - How can a twenty-plus year veteran of the OCSD, who was endorsed by the rank and file in the last election, and who stood up and took it on the chin for his fellow Deputies and the voters of OC, be an "opportunist?"

Wouldn't an opportunist be considered someone who is virtually unknown in Orange County, has done nothing for OCSD, nothing for Orange County, works as a Deputy in L.A. with all its problems but yet says to O.C. you need ME to "fix" yours because there are no ethical Deputies in OCSD?

Your false claims against Bill Hunt and the fine men & women of OCSD are outrageous and unforgivable. Your opportunist candidate, Ralph Martin, has been exposed by your comments all over this blog. Go back to your chosen Dept. in L.A. We DON'T need or WAN'T to further plague OCSD with "experienced" L.A. "leadership."


But I have one question for you. Has Scott Baugh and/or the OC GOP made any type of comment on this matter...

I don't know. I haven't talked to Scott in a couple of weeks.


Mr. Opportunity, could it be possible that the Martin Supporter is just someone who is fed up with the status quo?

If you are associated with the Sheriff's Department, (I presume you are), then you are certainly used to the "you scratch my back" syndrome which appears to have been running rampant in this organization for years so I can see why you might think the supporter has some ulterior motive.

But maybe the Martin supporter is an Orange County resident who just wants to see a change at the top of the department and is tired of all the scandal. Like other organizations with major problems sometimes it takes a completely different outlook and direction at the top to kickstart things and turn an operation around.

Station 18

Dear Opportunist Martin need not apply:


"Wouldn't an opportunist be considered someone who is virtually unknown in Orange County, has done nothing for OCSD, nothing for Orange County, works as a Deputy in L.A. with all its problems but yet says to O.C. you need ME to "fix" yours because there are no ethical Deputies in OCSD?"

Are you denying that Bill Hunt kissed Jaramillo's ring? If so, seems like you're the only one who doesn't know he did. In fact Jaramillo said Hunt did! Are you denying that Bill Hunt championed and defended Carona?

Station 18

Dear Opportunist Martin need not apply:

Oops, almost forgot to ask you why, if Hunt was not in bed with Carona & Jaramillo, he interceded on behalf of Greg Haidl in a Station 18 drug bust??? I'm sure you're aware that the CA AG censured Hunt for reprehensible conduct in his extending preferential treatment to Greg Haidl. And you think Hunt is qualified to lead Station 18? Can you show me similar lapse of judgment attributable to Commander Martin???

Hunt is opportunist personified!!!

BTW, I never indicated support for any candidate, but I do think that Carona's successor will come from without Station 18.

Opportunist Martin need not apply

Station 18,

Nice embellishment and hyper-exaggeration of the facts.

I meant to say earlier that you have apparently borrowed the Carona team’s playbook from last election for use with your opportunist candidate, Ralph Martin. Now, it’s more than apparent, it’s crystal clear. You might even be a Carona team player trying to use smoke and mirrors to get the readers here off Carona’s backside.

Your comments and accusations are absurd. If it was “common knowledge” as you assert, the rank and file would never have endorsed Lt. Bill Hunt to be their next Sheriff, nor would have other law enforcement agencies around the County as well.

The Carona administration has a culture of corruption at the top. Bill Hunt exposed that corruption and sacrificed his career for the men & women of OCSD and for Orange County. NO ONE ELSE in law enforcement sacrificed so much. We are in debt and gratitude to Bill Hunt because his actions and the price he paid has brought us to finally witnessing a day of reckoning for Mike Carona and his reprehensible actions.

Station 18

Dear Opportunist Martin need not apply:

Why did you fail to answer a single question? Did Hunt kiss Jaramillo's ring for promotion? At the time of his promotion, did Hunt not only endorse Carona, but did he in fact laud him as sheriff? Did the CA AG censure Hunt for his extending special privilege to Greg Haidl?

Critical thinking skills must be missing in your world since I never even remotely indicated support for any candidate. Therefore your untenable ASSUMPTION that I am a supporter of anyone explains your Hunt myopia. Do you often just make up stuff when rational argument escapes you???

Did your academy class teach you how to identify facts??? Are you in desperate need of Fact Identification 101 remediation???

 fouse, gary c

Reply to Francis,

After the revelation of what Carona did to the widow of one of his deceased deputies, you may be on to something.

gary fouse


I think that "Opportunist Martin need not apply" must be a defense lawyer.....when you have no defense for your client attack the facts or try to get the jury to look elsewhere. But by all means do not directly address the questions!!!!!

Opportunist Martin need not apply

Station 18,

I did answer your question when I said, "Your comments and accusations are absurd."

Your "facts" are fallacy and your attempts at character assassination through spreading falsehoods are reprehensible.

I'll let the other readers of this blog (which I'm sure you'll become one of those as well...) judge between our postings.

You support Carona and try to blame everyone else but him for his federal indictment. Carona is corrupt both morally and ethically. Bill Hunt exposed that corruption and now you're screaming like a baby.

I sense the fear and anger in your postings realizing your days of special privliges and favor are fast coming to an end. Better get accept it; there's a new Sheriff coming and he's going to restore integrity and trust to OCSD. Thank God!!!


Opportunist Martin need not apply:

Dude, the only one absurd on this blog is you, because every one of the questions I submitted for your review can only be answered in the affirmative! Do the research if you're not a Station employee!

Finally, benighted one, there was no fear nor anger in my postings because I am no longer a Station 18 employee; another moronic assumption of yours. In contrast, your posts are drivel consistent with one quick with erroneous assumptions!!!

Opportunist Martin need not apply

Looks like Station 18 has some anger management issues. Opportunist won that match rather easily.

Opportunist Martin need not apply

By the way, if you're no longer a Station 18 employee, why did you try to pass yourself off as one? Hmmmm? Oh, that's right, you're a Carona guy...

ODE TO CARONA (revised)

ODE TO CARONA (revised)

You are clownlike, happiest on your hands,feet to the stars, and moon-skulled, gilled like a fish.

A common-sense thumbs-down on the dodo's mode. Wrapped up in yourself like a spool, trawling your dark, as owls do.

Mute as a turnip from the Fourth Of July to All Fools' Day, O high-riser, my little loaf.

Vague as fog and looked for like mail.

Farther off than Pau Pau Guana. Bent-backed Atlas, our traveled prawn.

Snug as a bud and at home Like a sprat in a pickle jug.

A creel of eels, all ripples.

Jumpy as a Mexican bean.

Right, like a well-done sum.

A clean slate, with your own face, for your Puppet Master is lost never to race.

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