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November 06, 2007


Meddlesome Nobody

Well stated, Mr. Bucher.

Normally I'm a fan of Moorlach; I've even contributed to him. His idea for removing electeds, however, has to be one of his worst ever. Down there with his association with Chri$$ $treet.


liberty depends on keeping government's insatiable thirst for power in check....Every time the government is given more power to solve our problems, it also gets more power to run our lives.

Precisely right. The idea might sound good at the moment, but once this power is given to the Supervisors they (or future Supervisors) may use it in less benevolent ways.

This is also the reason Republicans should be calling for the impeachment of President Bush. The power he has consolidated, without significant opposition from either party, will be used vigorously by the next President. And, in all likelihood, the next President will be a Democrat.

Administrative leave, BOS removal, recall? What ever happened to a good old fashined tar and feathering?


Not only do I agree with Mark but pleae notice that Moorlach has excluded the BOS from this and protected himself! If you are gonna do it, do it all the way.


Flowerszzzz nails it. Isn't one of the local school boards trying to remove Rocco? and isn' t most of OCBlog, myself included, defending Rocco on the basis that he has been elected?

Whatever comes of the Carona affair, he was duly elected, and should answer to the legal system and the voters, not other politicians.

Now, this Tar- and Feathering idea... that has some merit.

Fred Smoller

Given the conservative impulse not to change the system while political passions are boiling, perhaps the Board of Supervisors should unanimously vote to censure Mike Carona, and call for his immediate resignation. This may achieve the outcome everyone agrees is necessary without permanently changing the structure of County government.

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