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November 23, 2007


What exactly is the goal here? They want to keep illegal aliens from gethering at Home Depot but then they drive them away from the dsignated spot for day laborers to gather to get picked up. So what exactly does this action accomplish?

I have a ton of work to be done on my job sites. I want to pay as little as possible and get as much done as possible.

I should have the right to hire whomever I want! The Republicans in power are taking away from me a steady stream of cheap labor that I use on a regular basis to get my projects completed. Are the Republicans going to compensate me for the lost time and extra money I have to pay to some poor white trash sucker that I am forced to hire at these day laboroer sites that have TWO forms of Identification?

How many of you carry two forms of ID? I sure as heck dont! Who does?

Anyway, I want to be able to have access to the most labor at the cheapest price I can get. Why is thei Deniis bileadueu cat trying to mess with my business and ability to make a profit? Can anyone explain that to me?


Well, the federal government is going after your sheriff, Adam, so maybe we can call it even?

DP Resident

"What exactly is the goal here? "

Please let us know what "Job Sites" you are talking about. Not so we can turn you in, but so we can AVOID your product. I don't want to be buying from someone so concerned with getting the lowest price that they are willing to break existing labor laws. What "other" laws are you willing to break in the name of the dollar? Shorting/cheating on your material specs? Cutting corners on health and safety codes? Where does it end?

Illegals were suppose to only be taking low skill farm and hospitality service jobs. Have you looked at construction sites lately. Are these workers being hired for their skills or their pay grade? It is not like we are seeing the savings of this "cheap" labor in the final cost of the builds.

The existing immigration laws need to be reformed so we can bring in labor for the industries that truly need it. Not for those who are seeking to replace existing skilled workers with cheap labor.

What ever happend to that crazy lady named Rudat?

I don’t know much about this whole day laborer thing but I’m just glad the courts dismissed those baseless charges against the honorable Councilman. It must have been a crushing blow for the Rudat’s daughter who spent night after night in the bushes with a video camera chasing phantoms. I understand she was angling for a job with the city or related lobbies if her mommy had won. Does anyone know if she still puts videos up on Youtube? I wonder if the daughter Rudat carries two forms of I.D. when she hides in the bushes on Chapman? She better start now if she wants to stay out of the Klink since Rudat doesn’t sound like a very American sounding name. Maybe next time they will hire day laborers to hide in the bushes and do their video work!


Great to see some leadership in this issue. I hope that they follow through and don't water it down to be nice to all the illegals.


Yeah, it's time we cracked down on these do-nothing parasites. While we're at it let's get tough on political pollsters and campaign consultants.

In the Orange Peel

In the last discussion on the day laborer hiring hall Bilodeau and Dumitru were leading the fight to crack down on illegal alliens. Cavecchi and Murphy were almost silent on the issue and its great to see somebody in orange doing something about it, FINALLY!!!!

Cavecchi must go!

Cavecchi helped Rudat last time she ran and is working with her now to try to take out Dumitru. She is a publicity hound who takes her orders from the Mother Ship aka The League of Cities.

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