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November 16, 2007


Do they also have a back up plan to re-vote should the outcome not suit the Caronies? Ah, what am I thinking, that would just be ridiculous.

rich white guy

OCGOP: This is a Firestorm THAT WILL PASS!

Please give this process a little time. Our Sheriff, Sheriff Michael Carona, has not been convicted of any crime and HE IS NOT A FELON.

The Firestorm generated lots of theatre amongst the usual suspects in Orange County politics, and now here in the common man’s relm. Our fallen comrade does not need any more finger-pointers.

The criminal justice process begins with an investigation and does not stop with an arrest! An arrest and an arraignment are only pit stops in the judicial process.

Remember, Facts today are still only “allegations” and that the Sheriff retains the presumption of innocence during this Firestorm.

Sheriff Carona came in as Sheriff and gets to go out with his boots on. There cannot be any rush to judgement during this Firestorm. It must be done right. No opinion polls or votes of no confidence.

Stay Strong For Our Sheriff, Michael Carona.

Headlights On!
Headlights On!
Headlights On!

If the word "whereas" were "firestorm" I'd say the good folks at the GOP attended writing classed together with Rich White Guy.


Isn't this a moot point. The law allows him to take a 60-day leave and he has done so.

Maybe the resolution should be modified to call on him to actually resign.


This is a rubbish. The original resolution called for Carona to resign, the GOP bosses tinkered with this already and gave McGill the greenlight.

Can someone break the news to this fella that Carona is already on an extended leave of absence. Would 62, 71 or perhaps a 75 day leave of absence have qualified as an "extended leave"?

If the GOP in OC has any sense of decency they will vote that the sherrif resigns. This extended LOA is a paper tiger. If he goes oout of his office for longer than 60 days he has officially vacated the office and will legally be in resignation.

The ought to just ask him to resign.

The GOP is even more divided then it was when it conducted its two endorsement proceedings for the Office of Sheriff. Its interesting how a supposed non-partisan office has received so much in fighting by a political party. I think egos are too big to come to a unanimous decision for the GOP on this issue here in OC.

What a Joke!

Obviously to them, last month's resolution that called on all four Republican School Board Members to resign from CUSD due to a number of allegations, met a "higher" threshold than an actual federal indictment of the Sheriff?

If any resolution passes regarding Carona without the immediate call to resign, that would be a joke and a another huge black eye! It would be better to not make a resolution at all. It looks like this whole thing has been agreed to in advance simply for appearance sake. Maybe the OC Democrat Party can show us how a proper resolution caling for the immediate resignation of Carona, should be done.

Have the four CUSD trustees that were called on to resign done that yet? Does anyone know if they have resigned yet?


What A Joke:

Well, that's certainly brave of you: accusing others of unethical behavior behind the safety of anonymity.

I suppose you are unfamiliar with the rules of commenting here, so I'll remind you.

1) No personal attacks -- as in what you just did -- and gossip.

2) No profanity or obscenity.

3) No comment spamming.

I'll edit out the offending part of your comment. This constitutes your first and last warning.

Willing to wait

What a bunch of chicken littles!!!!! The sky is not falling. Give the sheriff a break. We have a legal system, let it work. He is on a 60 day leave. None of the charges have anything to do with the present. The department is running well. He doesn't need to resign now.

rich white guy

Bravo to you "Willing To Wait," bravo! You have clearly demonstrated your strenght during this Firestorm.

Supporters of Our Sheriff, Michael Carona, are not being intimidated by the unrelenting, butg small, group of detractors.

We will organize another "Headlights On" campaign for late Wednesday afternoon. Sheriff Carona will be pleased to see the show of support that continues to grow, just before this Thanksgiving Holiday!

Thus far, must have been a silent majority, but we (together) will make them a known and vocal majority! Please ask those close to you who feel as strong as you to continue to voice their support for Sheriff Carona.

Headlights On!
Headlights On!
Headlights On!

Willing to wait,

What makes you think the department is running well?

Rich white guy,

Does not being part of a "silent majority" mean you maintain silence? You sure make a lot of noise for a member of a silent group. And what makes you think you are part of a majority? A recent Register poll indicated about 85% of those polled wanted the indicted sheriff to resign.

Sorry to break this news to you but people use their headlights when they drive for safety, not to support your buddy.

The Undertaker

rich white guy,

Headlights on during the day usually indicates a funeral procession - which in the case of Carona's political career is an appropriate gesture.

Headlights on!
Headlights on!
Headlights on!

just asking


Do what you know is right! Ask for his resignation. That would be the "Marine" honorable thing to do!


I want to know why this website, the ocregister and moxly at the OCWEEKLY fail to investigate/blog about those wanting Coronas job.

Why is there no investigation into SAPD Chief Paul Walters double dipping his salary after "retiring" yet never leaving his office and being "rehired" a few years and few hundred grand to the taxpayers later?

Why did Chief Walters OPENLY endorse Corona and then his son works for the OCSD?

Why did Bill Hunt cover for Haild according to the register in his pot bust, then want Coronas job?

All these people are slimey Corona and the crew. Its time for an OUT OF COUNTY sheriff.


I hope the Republicans remember the public knows the following.

SAPD Chief Paul walters double dipped his 205k dollar salary "retiring" yet never leaving his office only to be "rehired" years later and hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars later.

SAPD CHief Walters OPENLY ENDORSED Corona and then his son worked for the OCSD? ODD

Bill Hunt Covered according to the register for Haidls pot bust and then wanted Coronas job.

T-RACK hired and SAPD POA head after he delivered an endorsment and check from the SAPD POA.

I want to know why the register, the OCweekly and this blog dont ivestigate that? Go check public records, the OCSD is bad but check out SAPD and the rest too!

The public is sick of this garbage!

Opportunist Candidate Martin need not apply

Hey John, In the same article you refer to about Lt. Hunt re the "Investigation" that never was, it clearly states he wasn't even interviewed by the AG's office. Nice try at a cheap plug for the opportunist candidate from L.A.

To John and Bill. Paul Walters is an outstanding chief of police and is well respected in law enforcement circles. His son already worked for the Sheriffs Dept so there was no hiring after the endorsement. Also Chief Walters is actually saving Santa Ana money in that the city does not have to pay new retirement & medical benefits to a new chief. They already paid those for Walters. So Walters and Santa Ana should be commended for saving the city money NOT costing them more money. Nice try Bill and John. There is no news story with Walters.

In respect to Martin and the comment at 0512. Commander Martin is also well respected and is not an opportunist. He is a man who lives in the County and is a law enforcement professional. He is not one of many who sat on the sidelines and watched. He truly feels he can do good for this County and would be a good Sheriff if the opportunity was given to him.

re The Undertaker

I agree with "The Undertaker" but want to add the OCGOP Central Committee if they fail to amend the proposed resolution to firmly call for Carona's resignation. I trust Tim Whitacre will be there and will not allow the current language to stand without raising a question. I hope others will stand up as well.


I am not supporting Martin, in fact I think he is an absolut nobody and she work on being more than a commander first.

I am simply sick of the apparent sleazyness of OC politics. I am sure Hunt, Walters, Rauckaukas are all highly respected and intelligent people. That being said when there is the APPEARANCE of sleaze and so much inter-connectedness in this mess there needs to be change.

The people of OC deserve some not connected to any of this garbage.

So John. Who should be Sheriff?


Whitacre is a Hunt puppet so don't expect much from him. He's been down on Carona for ever. I say leave Carona in for now.

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