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November 13, 2007


rich white guy

Stop the crazy talk of resignation! Sheriff Carona will be speaking real soon to the Full Disclosure Network concerning this Firestorm. The full interview of Sheriff Carona and his Firestorm will be released in a few days, by the Full Disclosure Network to 45 cable systems and the Internet.

Your continued support of OUR SHERIFF, Michael Carona, is greatly appreciated during this recent Firestorm.

Headlights On!


Stop The Crazy Talk!


I wish Norby and Moorlach would resign! cut the crap guys!! carona has led us to infinity and beyond and well keep on fighting till the end!!! we are the champions we are the champions rock on rich white guy!!


Carona at best is a moron and his under sheriff only holds a GED. I cant imagine what makes up the rest of the riff raf of this department. On the flip side the people vying for his job appear just as slimy. Chief Paul Walters of Santa Ana had no problem endorsing Corona (even after a brutal election..wonder why) and having his son get a job at OCSD yet now wants people to believe his is a fresh face for the department. Then you have Bill Hunt who was a-ok with Corona as long as he was to be Sheriff later (check the registers reports) but when it was taking to long wanted to run and got whooped. Its time for OUTSIDE OF THE COUNTY leadership, this department has been a joke since LaDuecer and the boys and is even worse now and that needs to change.

Where is the outrage?

Two of the county GOP's favorite son's are under Federal Indictment.

And the leadership and it's cheerleaders sit by quietly.

It's as if it's a self fullfilling phrophecy. If they had brains or balls they would do something.

Unfortunately, they have neither.

Brock Landers

The power to remove someone from office is already in place, it is a recall. We dont need a Board of Supervisors consolidating power so that they are the deciders on who gets to stay in office and who doesnt. What nerve to think that they should hold the power to dismiss an elected official. these guys were only elected by 1/5th of the electorate, and they want to remove an official from office that was elected with probably 5 times as many voters than they individually recieved?? i feel like i am taking crazy pills this idea is so ridiculous.

The three supes need to hold strong on their opposition to this lame idea. If the people want this to be voted on, then let the people place this on the ballot. if it is such a good idea, then why dont the people bring it forth? We are adults. We know how this system works. We know how to clean up a mess that we created. Dont for a second think that the voters dont know how to deal with this. Norby and Moorlach obviously dont trust the voters, the same people that put them in the place that they are in right now. Sure doesnt seem like they hold us in such high regard.

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