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November 27, 2007



LOL that is quite possibly the oddest interview I have ever seen.

One Who Knows

I saw this on Sunday morning and almost lost my breakfast.

What was Chris Norby thinking? Why would he demean himself, and his office, by sharing a platform with Hunt & Grindel, outside, with the Santa Ana winds blowing and the sun blinding him?

Hunt, of course, is a candidate for Sheriff and will accept all the TV face time he can get. Although if he wants to be taken seriously, someone really needs to tell him to stop dressing like he buys all his clothes at Marshalls.

Grindel is just a media hound who can be counted upon to hurl invectives towards Mike Schroeder, and others, regardless of the question asked.

But Norby is Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. He should not trivialize his office that way by appearing with Hunt and Grindel.

If NBC won't interview him alone, in a room with proper lighting and makeup, he should decline the invitation.

Know Em All

Oh jeez....take it for what it's worth, the truth...
This county is controlled by "power brokers", and is corrupt at many levels, including the BOS. Definitions of Corruption and Ethics are viewed differently by many.
Why did it take the Feds to handle the task of the Carona indictment?? Why didn't T-Rack work it? There are plenty of State laws on the books that cover Carona's violations.
Maybe the interview wasn't the best, but it's the damn truth stated by all present.

Gary Kephart

OWK, glad to hear you use fashion to help pick your candidate ;)


Well, don't forget proper hair, makeup and lighting, too.

I always wondered how the Republicans picked their candidates.

Funny how Norby is just now mentioning issues with how top administrators were brought into the Sheriff's Department. Norby has been silent on this issue for his two terms but is just now expressing his displeasure with the system that allowed Jaramillo and Haidl to be brought in. How and why did it take him so long to figure out that the system that allowed to bring these cancers in to the Sheriff's Department was wrong? Where was he 8 years ago? Talk about jumping on the bandwagon!

One who really knows

One who knows,

If anybody, Bill Hunt is the one who should have been interviewed alone. He is the one who warned us all of what was going on in OCSD. He is the one who laid his career on the line to do the right thing. He is the one who will fix the mess if appointed or when he wins the election.


"How and why did it take him so long to figure out that the system that allowed to bring these cancers in to the Sheriff's Department was wrong? Where was he 8 years ago?"

Maybe because it was already a moot point when Norby became a Supervisor. Eight years ago he was on the Fullerton City Council. Better ask Coad and Spitzer, et al.

I can't imagine what Norby was thinking participating in anything so hare-brained as that interview. They were lined up like the chorus in a Greek tragedy.

"Maybe because it was already a moot point when Norby became a Supervisor. Eight years ago he was on the Fullerton City Council. Better ask Coad and Spitzer, et al."

Yes but Norby could have asked that the rules be changed when he came into office or at least a few years into his 1st or 2nd term BEFORE any indictments came down. How about being PROACTIVE for a change instead of REACTIVE for grandstanding purposes?

To one who really knows what involvement did Hunt have in Haidl's San Clemente marijuana incident that was tried to be made into a hush hush incident as reported in the press? Wasnt that little incident part of the San Clemente Police Chiefs (Hunt)watch. Can anyone shed some light on that. Dave Lopez and CBS news had some pretty strong reports on that incident. I never really saw those reports disputed.

From yesterdays "SmartSheriff" blog:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Bill Hunt (dope)
Bill Hunt has announced him candidacy for Sheriff. Hunt narrowally lost to Carona the last go round. He even had the endorsement of the Deputies union. But he lost and faced a serious demotion from the Sheriff for challenging him. Hunt resigned rather than being demoted from Lieutenant to Deputy.

We know more about Mr. Hunt now. We learned about his part in the marijuana bust coverup involving for Assistant Sheriff Haidl's son. We also learned he doesn't think before engaging his mouth. Hunt testified before the Board of Supervisors calling for them to remove Carona from office. He even acknowledged such an act might be unconstitutional. Hunt demonstrated a lack of appreciation for due process and the rule of law.

Hunt has said some irresponsible things since the Sheriff scandal broke. O.C. needs a Sheriff that engages his brain before his mouth. Hunt isn't that guy.

It would be interesting to learn what his ballot designation would be. Did Hunt retire as a Lieutenant or did he retire after his demotion? That is a big difference when it comes to putting together his ballot designation.

Mr. Hunt needs to pick up an application from Home Depot and leave law enforcement to the adults.


Alas I grow tired of Hunt continually grandstanding and have also heard of his (not the Sheriff's) involvement with the Haidl boy and his rash comments at the BOS meeting.

What would his qualifications be??? He isn't even qualified for assistant sheriff now that the BOS changed the requirements back.

I too think he should leave law enforcement behind.


Again, Hunt may want to run for Sheriff, but the realtiy is Martin is the boards number one choice. When the election arose last time, I was suprised that qulaifications were not a factor when deciding who to vote for. If Carona, Hunt, and Martin went in front of an interview panel, Martin would win by a landslide. Additionally, Hunt is stupid to run, he was part of the Carona clan and only when it was going to bite him in the rear, did he jump ship. He is as unethical as Carona.

Plus, all Hunt has to do is call Carona into a depostion with his lawsuit, and credibility problems with Carona will get Hunt enough money to retire and buy a nice home in Laguna Beach..

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