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November 01, 2007


Better resolution

Tomahawk -

Can you please post higher resolution photos? I need a good inventory for next years mail.


Anti-Janet coalition

Give me a break.....

This isn't the playground at recess. Perhaps we can elevate the debate just a notch?

You guys are too much. Attacking a person like this is childish and I dont think it adds anything to the discourse of debate. I would suggest that Tomohawk remove the comments referencing janet and her looks wether they are appealing to you or not the comments are childish and offensive to true political activists.

That being said, each party will have theor day in court and we may or may not have a new Supervisor in the 1st District. We will have to wait and see what the judge says.

Wow....the previous posts are evidence that you do not need to know proper grammar to survive in the little saigon community. Must be the trannies again. Its amazing the level of immaturity they often display whenever a janet story comes out. You guys are really a piece of work. Ill say it again...people usually dont act like that unless they fear that they will lose this fight. its the old, "if you cant have a serious debate of the issues, throw some personal attacks out there to distract". reminds me of every argument ive ever had with a liberal. So please, trannies, let the adults handle these situations and go back to the playground and learn how to properly interact with society. And take an ESL course why you are at it, please.


Whoever that was making those comments has been banned.


Thanks Jubal

In all honesty, I've met Janet, and I think she is much more attractive than any of the pictures Jubal has posted on here. This one is not very flattering; but then neither was the last one with her lips pressed in thought. I know there are some NICE pictures of her out there - can't you guys find one? Trung always looks "sharp" and involved in his conversation or whatever he's doing, I just can't believe you can't find a better picture of Janet. She really is more attractive and has often struck "normal" and "involved" poses that have been shot on camera...come on guys....give the lady a break here..


It's not fair that you banned others but not Anon at 8:13 AM. That post portrayed discriminately against anyone from Little Saigon community.

BTW, whether the poster wrote correctly in English grammar or not is another story. For example, "And take an ESL course why you are at it, please."

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