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November 03, 2007


Milk Man

Wow, that's harsh rhetoric coming from John Moorlach.

Tim Whitacre

What people like "Josh" consider a mendling baffoon, others consider an ethical man with a moral compass that we can safely follow. Perfect, no. Trustworthy, yes.

Mr. Moorlach renews my hope in the fact that all is not lost for the Republican Party when men like him stand up in front!

It's time to Restore Ingegrity and Trust to the Sheriff's Department.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

Costa Mesa voter

"That’s why a tool must be available in the future for extreme cases of this nature that allows the Board of Supervisors to do something. Tuesday’s Board meeting should provide for some interesting debate on this option."

Sorry Pal, There is no way the voters will give up their rights to you. There is already a system in place for these "extreme cases" We all see through your agenda.


Costa Mesa voter (and all your other names):

You need to tone down your posts. Take issue with Moorlach's ideas, actions and policies all you want, but can the personal attacks and denigration or I'll have to exile you to the Village of the Banned.

Allan Bartlett

Mike Carona is a sick man. Taking kickbacks from a dead deputy's settlement is beyond the pale(uh alledgedly). I've seen enough. This guy is guilty. Everything he's done has fit a pattern of corruption since he took office. He needs to go away for a long time. John Moorlach is once again showing the way with his leadership on this issue.

costa mesa voter

Sorry Jubal. I just can't stand it when officals desire so much government control.


Mount the recall if you feel so strongly John...that is the process that is already in place. I refuse to give the BOS the authority to remove another elected from office. I believe this sets a dangerous precident. Where do we stop next? Just a month or so ago John was calling for Street to resign. I believe that John's heart is in the right place but what about the next BOS after this reign?


God Bless Mr. Moorlach. He is the most trust worthy elected official in Orange County.

There certainly should be a protocal in place to deal with a rotten Sheriff. Carona himself would immediately put any deputy accused of multiple felonies on leave, if not fire them outright. An honorable man would abide by the same standards he sets for those he commands. This would save Supervisors, Sheriff's employees, and Voters much consternation.

Art Pedroza

The only problem I have with all this is that Moorlach KNEW that Carona was a bad guy. But he endorsed him last year anyway. So he is sorry now? Well, when is he going to apologize for helping to get this guy reelected last year?

Moorlach wrote "All the rumors and innuendos over the years may have been true." What does he mean "may?" There is little doubt that Carona is a complete pathological liar and criminal. It is sad that so many good people lined up behind him last year because their political machine told them to...


There is little doubt that Carona is a complete pathological liar...

Takes one to know one, Art!

It is sad that so many good people lined up behind him last year because their political machine told them to...

Yes, I remember that day through the haze of memory. I opened an envelope with a return address of "OC GOP Machine." Inside was a playing card -- the Queen of Hearts. Suddenly the phone rang. It was a robocall recorded by Angela Lansbury instructing me to endorse Mike Carona. From that moment forward, whenever I was asked about Mike Carona, I responded, as if in a trance:

"Mike Carona is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life."


Wait! Moorlach knew Corona was a slime ball and endorsed him anyway? The hypocrisy is what makes voters sick. Paul Walters chief of SAPD endorses Corona and lets his son work for Corona but wants his job now? Tony Rauck "defers" to feds..why?!? Was he to busy on Larry king with Mike? Was he to busy giving jobs to former SAPOA people who endorsed him? These people are all in my humble opinion slimeballs.

Curious George

Remember not long ago when a certain Captain for the Sheriff's Dept. was indicted on several misdemeanors counts. Carona was the person that put her on Adimistrative leave. Others from within the department have been put on Admin leave for incidents that would not even rise to the level of a crime, yet they sat at home waiting for the internal investigation to be completed.

Sheriff Carona was arrested for Seven FELONIES and yet he arrogantly defies to stand down. I am not a fan of Moorlach's but his proposal to alow the BOS to remove Carona or any other elected official who fits within the criteria the Board sets is a step in the right direction.

If Carona is vindicated, which will not happen, he can return to office. Someone needs some control over these corrupt individuals when they are identified. The BOS will take the lead.


I tried to post this over at Orange Juice, but Art "I don't censor comments" Pedroza won't allow it to be published.

I wonder why...

Here's what Art said today on his blog:

And then there were Republicans on the list of Carona endorsers who I always suspected were corrupt, greedy or otherwise compromised. Amongst them Assemblyman Van Tran...

You've "always" thought Van was greedy and corrupt? Really?

That's not what you were saying in this comment from Dec. 21, 2005:

I know Van - he is very competitive, very bright and very driven. He would not jump into a race like this without a plan. The Vietnamese community is a major element in the 34th - and Van has proven that he can bring new voters into the GOP fold.

Umberg is toast no matter what. Correa might be a tougher opponent, but his career thus far has been a non sequiter. I think Tran will trounce him, God willing. Go Van!

Art will, of course, sputter out some lame excuse like "I was brainwashed" or that he was "shilling" for "The Machine", but that's just another way of saying he was weak-minded and nothing he has ever said should be trusted.


"Inside was a playing card -- the Queen of Hearts"

Good pop-culture reference, but wasn't it the Queen of Diamonds? And wasn't Laurence Harvey incredibly miscast? Almost as bad as in BUtterfield 8.


You're right. It was the queen of diamonds. My mistake.

But I thought Laurence Harvey was wonderfully cast.


Naw, somehow somebody thought his English manner could be translated into some kind of American prep school affectation - as if those kind of guys became Army sargeants in Korea.

Sinatra wasn't bad.

Chip Hanlon

What was so harsh about Costa Mesa Voter's first post? It doesn't seem that over the top to this reader.

Moorlach, by the way, is starting to look like a ticking time bomb himself, but in a different way: in his email rant he writes that Corona owed him a personal explanation about his affair? Why, exactly? Talk about self-absorption!

And now, because of his possibly premature call for Chriss Street's resignation, Moorlach is in the bizarre position of actually needing dirt to be found on his friend, the Treasurer, or else risk looking like a monumental bird brain for having called for his resignation.

Like everyone else, I love Moorlach's stewardship of public finances and that is most important, of course. He's doing his best, however, to squander every bit of the good work he has done in that regard. Not only does the guy have a political tin ear, he seems to have a massive ego and potentially toxic levels of self-righteousness of self-importance.

Why does it seem virtually impossible to elect someone who's both ideological and effective?

costa mesa voter

Jubal edited my comment and rightfully so. This is not the forum for that kind of statement. I just get a little worked up sometimes.


Four years ago people knew about all of this, they just wouldn't listen. They wouldn't believe what was being said. So I can't believe that they are all shocked and surprised. I don't trust any of the politicians in OC right now. Maybe this would be the best time to really clean house.

So many knew Carona was a slime bag from the beginning, Just as he used his department and status so did so many of them ( political want a bees, those that wanted to get elected and those that are elected). Rid on his ( Carona's) coat tails wanted his endorsements for what ever political office they were running for.

Does anyone think for a minute that if all this didn't make the news that they would be turning around and running the other way? Hello NO. Two weeks ago they were all Mike Carona's friends. Two months ago the republican party was Carona's best friend.

Now the wonderful POLITCANS in the BIG OC can have there faces and words of shock plastered all over the media, and this is something that no money can buy. Media attention, worth 100's of thousands of dollars.

Did Moorlach or Campbell or any other person in office today have and seek Carona's backing when they ran for office? They are SHOCKED/BETRADED bull.

I have never been a fan of Carona and I have never hidden that fact. Of course I don't wear two faces.

I believe that more will fall over this and some in office and even out of office better pray that it all doesn't come out in the wash.

Another word of advise Talk to much and the feds might think you know to much and you just might end up on the witness stand looking like the fool.

I Second That!

Mr. Moorlach,

Your update on Mike Carona was right on target!!! Trust is everything, and too many elected officials can not be trusted! I am fed up with politicians lying, cheating and betraying the public's trust. Too many elected officials let their power go to their heads. In turn, they end up abusing their power and embrace lies and deceit in their professional and personal lives. Yes, there are truly only a few politicians who deserve the title "honorable", but that title should be earned not automatically given to someone who is simply elected into office! Getting elected into office is not honorable, it's how you perform in that elected role, serve the public and live a moralistic life. I personally did not vote for Mike Carona, I voted for Bill Hunt. I knew a long time ago Carona could not be trusted. Mr. Moorlach, you have always got my vote. Thank you for such an honorable post.


I'm with Flowerszzz----Moorlach's idea of allowing the Board of Sups to remove another elected official from office is just goofy. And as Flowerszzz said, it sets a dangerous precedent. There's a reason San Bernardino is the only place in the state that has this extreme amount of power invested in their BOS: we already have a system in place to take care of elected officials---its called an election. If things can't wait then we have a recall to remove people.

So my message to John Moorlach is: If you feel so strongly about Carona betraying your personal trust as well as the public's trust, then start a recall. If Carona refuses to go on administrative leave(not the phony baloney thing he is trying now) then a recall would probably win going away.
You'd be the white knight. We don't need a banana republic type of proposal you've shoveling.


Bladerunner. Well done. What if there were a four person majority of dems removing the sole GOP supervisor. While it is far fetched right now, it could happen. It will the same as when President Clinton is sworn in with all the power that has been granted the Executive Branch. Then we'll see if GOP's still think the power given the President is still a good idea.

This idea isn't a good one. Leave the system alone. If Moorlach doesn't like Carona staying on the job start a recall.

Put your money where your mouth is.

CUSD Constituent:  Is Moorlach Being Morally Consistent?

Supervisor Moorlach is calling for Mike Carona to step aside now that he has been charged with breaking the law – charges that Carona steadfastly denies.

In Capistrano Unified, the Fleming-era trustees have now ADMITTED IN WRITING that for years they systematic violated the law and plotted how to "get" and silence their critics as detailed in the District Attorney's scathing report.

Supervisor Moorlach, if you are really “fighting hard to restore [the County] from moral bankruptcy, then isn’t it time you spoke out and publicly demanded the four Fleming-era Trustees at CUSD (Shelia Benecke, Marlene Draper, Duane Stiff and Mike Darnold) resign?

CUSD Constituent:  A Challenge to Those Concerned With Corruption in The O.C.

To all those who are concerned about government corruption in The O.C. I ask you the same question:

Isn’t it time for you to exert your influence and publicly demand the four Fleming-era Trustees at CUSD (Shelia Benecke, Marlene Draper, Duane Stiff and Mike Darnold) resign?


Tim Whitacre,

You could not have said it better....
When are we going to RESTORE INTEGRITY to the Orange County Sheriff's Department!

Brings back memories doesn't it?

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