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November 06, 2007


Brock Landers

I would love it much more if Bates actually came out and said "there is a mechanism to deal with these types of situations, the constitution provides for it." I was hoping that she would go there from the way she was talking, but alas, it didnt happen. but they (Campbell, Bates and and Nguyen) did what was needed and defeated this horrible measure.

Disgusted With Quint

Now it is time to rid ourselves of Quint. We recvd this F.O.P. crap in the mail, when we should have joined P.O.R.A.C. which is localized and consistant with our issues, like Moorlach, and legal defense fund, and for cheaper. Quint and the board, (Nichols too)are going to bankrupt us with the Moorlach suit, and they know it. Morrison & Forrester have already bankrupted associations, just ask Quint. If we joined forces with PORAC it would be in a similar vein they are fighting, with much, much, deeper pockets. Quint has been offered the opportunity for PORAC board to present to the members its benefits, but Quint denies them, yet holds his hand out for assistance. What a shameless smuck and poor representative for the line level guys and gals busting thier asses. your days are numbered Wayne

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