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November 07, 2007


The Mechanical Eye

I have my doubts.

John Fund came to Whittier Law School a few years back when I attended school there, warning that the 2006 election will be rife with fraud and vote-stuffing. This didn't turn out to be the case, exactly. But he had a book to promote, so, hey, let's scare 'em in OC about them illegals votin'!

Mr. Fund neglects in this op-ed to point out that the voter fraud issue has been tainted by concerns that efforts against "voter fraud" end up turning into voter suppression exercises -- I can think of *some* local examples in O.C. history.

This, btw was the major issue in the U.S. Attorneys scandal earlier this year, when it seemed that the Bush administration's Department of Justice seemed awfully interested in pursuing voter fraud investigations in elections resulting in Democratic gains:


Yes, I'm concerned as anyone else about making sure that anyone who shows up to vote is who they claim they are. But there's not a little bit of self-interest that taints these anti-Hillary do-gooders here.



So even though the drivers license in question would clearly state that the person is in the country illegally, is not entitled to free healthcare, free education, free houseing assistance, and the holder is not eligiable to vote, and will have the address for the INS to go pick them up and deport them; that this will increase voter fraud more than the already easy to commit voter fraud where one mearly has to read who has not voted that day and go up and say they are Joe Absent voter and even if the poll worker suspects fraud they cannot stop the person from voting nor ask for identification?

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