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November 16, 2007


No matter how much Janet Nguyen raises; she will face a run-off which is not a forgone conclusion in her favor.

Joe Dunn, Claudia Alvarez, or other Democrats will skin her on Nov. 4, 2008. Unless she can take a 50% plus 1 vote on June 3 which is very doubtful.

In last election, she didn't receive a majority of Vietnamese voters; thus, any Vietnamese candidate will spoil her chance.

The only winner in this race is Dave Gilliard! Go Dave!


I am voting for the other Nguyen. Janet is a corrupt politician with no principles.

Art Pedroza


"Corrupt politician with no principles?" You must be referring to Mike Carona, who is advised by Mike Schroeder, who likewise advises Trung. Birds of a feather stick together. Janet is not the corrupt one in this equation. Trung and the Trannies are.

Jumbled Jingles

I thought birds of a feather "flock" together? Quit being so hostile Art. Just make like a banana and...leave.


Correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't Joe Dunn quite capable of self funding? I doubt this figure (if it is true) scares him if he is interested in this race.



Unless you have some kind of evidence that Trung and the "Trannies" are corrupt, you're going to have to stop saying that. It's a very serious accusation.

Hateful Art

Pedroza's at it again -- the usual hateful propaganda. Making false accusations against those he opposes. What else is new? He and Janet Nguyen flock together quite well.

Good Lord: Please make all these people realize that their hateful and snide remarks only make them look bad.

Please give Janet Nguyen your blessing and keep her safe.

Please bless those who attack her, giving them kindness of heart, peace and a realization that their hatefulness will only come back to them doublefold, and that they stop what they are doing while they can still save their own reputations (or is it too late?). Amen

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