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November 21, 2007


Jonathan Constantine

Very solid and professional.

  Scott Graves

Great job Matt! Hugh Hewitt should be shaking in his boots :)

Concerned UCI Student

I'm glad that y'all will now be doing regular radio / podcast programs.

However, I should note that you seem to have failed to ask Allan Bartlett about some questions about some of the alleged backing Ron Paul is receiving from neo-Nazis as well as some questionable positions Ron Paul has taken in the past:

Article from American Thinker (hat tip: LGF)

Articles from Ron Paul's Newsletter as listed on LGF


Wow, this is so cool! Is the technology/equipment easy to set up? Can I try doing it in the future?

Allan Bartlett

Thanks for the opportunity to spread the message of freedom and the constitution Matt. To the concerned UCI student, what should he have asked about it? If any money has been donated to him by neo nazis or similiar persons, they should return it.


Nicely done.

OC Firestorm


How about using your "big boy" voice when you do your broadcasts??

OC Smokestorm


Concerned UCI Student

It just would have been interesting to hear your reaction, as you seemed to express Ron Paul's the best thing since sliced bread.

Gustavo Arellano

Need some lead-in music--otherwise, great!

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