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November 29, 2007


ucla by 14

It has been interesting and sad to watch the evolution of Mr. Greenhut the last couple of years. He has strayed from libertarian principles and now takes on the persona of an angry Pat Buchanan with a touch of crazy Art Pedroza.

Libertarians I know fear and distrust the federal government. They actually believe there is such a thing as prosecutorial mis-conduct or miscalculation. Does this mean Mike Carona is guiltless? Of course not...He could be guilty as hell or he could be severely ethically challenged or perhaps he has been largely set up. Time will tell and the jury is literally and figuratively out.

However Mr. Greenhut has joined the stampede to prejudge and punish now something many of his predecessors on the Register editorial page would have never done.

On another timely issue, one of my friends was involved in the Suncal Disney dispute. He makes a persuasive case that Mr. Greenhut has blinders on to all that happens in Anaheim. While Mr. Greenhut was defending oppressive zoning and being a shill for the Mayor and the Disney corporation he apparently was not aware or chose to ignore the genesis of the Mayors opposition to the housing project.

It seems that when the Mayor upzoned the Platinum Triangle area in Anaheim it made a fortune for many of his friends,supporters and perhaps clients. When Mayor Pringle during council comments first explained his opposition to the Suncal proposal his argument was not centered on protecting the resort area but instead protecting homebuilders in the Platinum Triangle from competition (mostly Lennar) Mr. Greenhut got hornswaggled and became a full partner in defending this local government misconduct.

I miss the Old Register.

Andy Dufresne

The folks in the OC GOP establishment community who defend Carona look every bit as foolish as the folks in the black community who defend O.J. Simpson.

The crimes are not the same. But, the blind allegiance , the unwillingness to stipulate to the obvious, not acknowledging that a prior assessment of a man's character may have been wrong... all the same.

Carona is entitled to a presumption of innocence in a court of law. However, the community is entitled to a Sheriff who represents them with dignity. Regardless of the outcome of the indictment, it should be obvious to all that Carona has diminished his office and tarnished our community with a pattern of bad judgment and appalling behavior.

rich white guy

The feds have put all of their faith in those who are bent on destroying lives and dealing a death sentence to Our Sheriff, Michael Carona, and his family. During this Firestorm, those against Sheriff Carona want to assure that his “destruction”, and nothing less will equal their brand of so-called justice.

Justice does not stop because the accused has been convicted in the press or in the court of public opinion. This Firestorm has generated lots of theatre from those trying to distance themselves from Sheriff Carona, or those who seek to take advantage or personal gain from what they could not get when the playing field was level.

We must understand that the Firestorm surrounding Sheriff Carona and his family consists solely of ALLEGATIONS created by those bent on destroying him. Capital Punishment, pure and smiple!

Headlights On!
Headlights On!
Headlights On!

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