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November 29, 2007


Allan Bartlett

I really didn't wanna get dragged into this, but since Jubal asked me which public officials I think, think cops & prosecutors do no wrong, you have to start with the obvious one...Todd Spitzer, T Rack, and Wanye Quint for starters.

The big problem I have with letting this Carona cancer fester for another two months is that it's clear to me and the vast majority of other regular citizens that Mike Carona has at the very least, at the very the least, completely violated the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics section as follows...

"I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all"

Please tell me how the Sheriff has upheld this part of his oath. I'm all ears.

Art Pedroza

Hmmmm...who should we trust? The OC GOP spin machine or a renowned newspaper columnist? I'll take Greenhut any day!

Make him go awwway

Ugh. Art Pedroza, the Gollum of the blogosphere, rears his empty head.

You gotta a new buddy, Greenhut! Lucky you!



Thank you for responding to my request, rather than tossing out insults. We disagree from time to time, but you're a class act.

I disagree with you on Tony. He actually started an initiative within the DA's office to re-examine questionable cases, and it has led to the release of wrongfully imprisoned individuals. I would call that thinking cops can do no wrong.


On the other hand, we have Art, who can't seem to differentiate between argument and invective.

I have an idea for you. Take these words:

Space Commander
Santa Ana
Janet Nguyen
Joe Dunn
Photoshop Trung

Shake them up and spill them out in a post. Regardless of the order they fall into, it will resemble 90% of what you post.



Gustavo Arellano

Meanwhile, Jubal didn't respond to Allan's request for a justification on Carona...


Allan and Steve made certain claims, I asked them for justification. I, on the other hand, haven't been mounting either a defense of or an attack on the Sheriff, so it's a bit out of place to ask me to "justify" him.

Gustavo Arellano

I don't think so, but it's up to Allan. Hey, fellow Bruin: what do you think?


Allan didn't ask for a "justification" of Carona. He asked for Jubal's opinion as to whether or not Our Sheriff has upheld the cop Code of Ethics oath.

If the answer is no, then Mike must go.


LOL Jubal you hit the nail on the head with Art and his posts!!!


No, I don't think Carona has upheld that Code of Ethics. And I find that a much stronger argument for his resignation than the indictment.

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