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November 29, 2007



Welcome to the world of the public employee, Jubal. Now that you see how Greenhut lies and distorts subjects familiar to you, you have some idea of how he lies and distorts when it comes to public employees.

Keep that in mind next time you read one of Greenhut's sloppy, error-ridden posts about government employees or law enforcement officers or pensions and benefits.

Art Pedroza

So Matt, will you apologize to the people of Orange County AFTER Carona gets put in the slammer?


Sheese, at least Carona has never been disingenuous!

(sound of crickets...)


Yeah. Right, Art.

I have nothing to apologize for, so take your tired little rhetorical devices and totter off to your little blog and write yet another post calling people you don't like names, or start another idiotic rumor like "Joe Dunn for Santa Ana City Council" or "Jose Solorio is going to resign from council over the phone from Sacramento."


And Art: I'm shocked you haven't yet decried the absence of Latinos on Mike or Debbie Carona's defense team. And there aren't any Latinos on the prosecutors team either, for that matter! They are trying the case in Santa Ana, after all.

Obviously they hate Mexicans! You must be quite perturbed.

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