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November 28, 2007



Thank you for a more unbiased retelling of the facts. I don't understand why the newspapers are so biased against the Caronas.


Teller has had the contract for a long time and I think it has only gone to bid one time in all those years. She is not the only fair board member to do this, it was going on long before she was even on the fair board.

interestingly enough

Well, it could be that the Tellers themselves said they'd only met the Caronas at a cocktail party, and now Flint is spinning it that they really were friends.

Can one of you conservatives please explain to me how in good sense the board voted to LIMIT the amount of money the swap meet vendor could give the fair board?

Jeff Flint


I am the last person to be "spinning" for Teller or the Caronas, since I was working for the other side. I am quoted in today's Register follow up asking the same question you did...why would the board limit their income.

They had a reason at the time...it didn't make sense then either.

The "spin" is Teller, retroactively, trying to distance themselves from the Caronas.

Tim Whitacre

There is no way to rationally defend Mrs. Carona's actions here. Because of the clear conflict of interest in voting on a matter in which she or her husband has been enriched by the benefactor of her vote, she should have recused herself from the matter. That was the only proper course of action.

To not do so was unethical and improper regardless of the obvious amount of support the Teller family has shown the OCGOP over the years. No amount of explanation makes her actions justifiable.


I don't defend Mrs. Carona's actions in the TelPhil/Delware North competition for the swap meet contract.

But the "conflict of interest" charge just isn't credible.

First off, the contribution weren't to Debbie Carona; they were to her husband's campaign.

Secondly, when the OC Marketplace contract was put out to bid, it had been at least three years since Mike Carona's campaign had received a TelPhil-affiliated contributions.

There are ample grounds for criticizing Debbie Carona on this issue without latching on to this red herring -- that her actions in 2003-2004 were governed by $4,850 in contributions received during a four year period from 1997-2000.

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