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November 30, 2007


Allan Bartlett

I liked the You Tube format a lot where regular people get to ask questions of the candidates, but I was dumbfounded how CNN could let a bunch of Democrat hacks infiltrate the GOP debate like they did.


It's equally dumbfounding that they didn't care about getting caught and drawing the flak they have -- Presidential campaigns are hardball -- especially this one. Does the Clinton New Network beleive nobody's out there Googling these people when they're asking obviously Dem-slanted questions? Hell, A. Cooper even acknowledged on air that they were being challenged.


How can anyone be dumbfounded, or shocked, with the outcome of the debates? It's called the clinton news network, for a reason. The only thing that surprises me is the amount of flack that Repubs. are putting up. The dems are sitting back and laughing all the way to the election. Maybe if Thompson,Romney, and the others got off their asses, and said something, it would make a difference. As it stands now, it's business as usual.

The Mechanical Eye

Shame, shame.

Were the Republican candidates' responses so bad that nearly every GOP-friendly website I know is choosing to spend its time huffing how much the whole thing wasn't FAIR?

It lets you ignore how vapid and deeply prejudiced the answer to the brigadier general's questions were.

That 28 percent approval rating for the President is reflected by the general public's attitude toward the GOP front-runners. Whining that everyone's a "plant" makes you look like losers.



You're missing the point. CNN/YouTube advertised this as a debate with video questions from "undecided voters." Now it turns out that was largely a crock, and it only took bloggers and reporters a few days to figure out what CNN could and should have been able to.

CNN paid for a Hillary campaign activist to come to New York, put him up at a hotel and put him in the audience to ask a question. It takes a few seconds on Google to fgure out the general isn't some "undecided voters." The subject of his question is beside the point. This is about CNN's credibility as a news organization.


Eye; Would that have anything to do with congress's lower than the POTUS. Probubly not. Maybe Karl Rove did it. Shame is a funny word. Maybe if cnn/youtube, and the dems had a little, well thats just crazy thinking. Never mind.

Christopher H.

Jubal, missing the point is America's favorite pastime.


Oh please.....look, I am with you about CNN flying General Kerr out for the show----totally unprofessional and CNN has admitted it was a mistake..Someone ought to be disciplined for that boner.

But as for the rest, tell your troubles to Jesus because the chaplin has gone ashore. I didn't hear any of you Reds complaining during the Democratic debate when John McAlpin(whose MYSpace page features pictures of Rudy Giuliani)asked Hillary Clinton how she thought she would be taken seriously by Arab or Muslim countries. No cries of outrage from you Reds about the guy who demanded to know when a Democrat was elected president if taxes would rise "like they usually do when a Democrat comes in office." Nary a peep from Red County when a someone took a question right out of the Rove playbook and asked candidates to choose between raising taxes or cutting benefits in order to save social security. And probably a lot of high fives in Red County when the Mighigan guy who said he had voted for Bush TWICE asked the 2nd Amendment challenged Democrats(except Richardson)if they would protect his "baby"--the assault rifle he cradled. Mara Liasson must have had a senior moment to have forgotten the first debate like that.

So stop whining because some Democrats saw those Republican talking points pop up in a Democratic debate and decided to return the fire. You guys got beat at your own game and don't like it. Tough.


You have a lot of Schroeder in you...everything has a spin to it (as long as it spins your way). I'm going to start calling you Maytag.



I didn't see the CNN/YouTube Demo debate, so it's a little hard for me to express any outrage. The only thing I remember about it in terms of coverage was the snowman/global warming video question. Sorry.


You need to call that lonely repairman to fix your cognitive centers. Spin? I posted the viewpoints of two Beltway pundits. How is that "my spin"?


Jubal--Fair enough. There was more cross-polinization in the GOP debate then the Dem one but both had the infiltrators. I just think there was more in the GOP debate because it went second and the Dems picked up that CNN was not filtering too well. Had the order been reversed so would the numbers. Its less about Clinton News Network and more about doing this format for the first time and needing to work out the kinks. But there is no excuse for flying the General out. A real Dan Rather moment.

Sorry about the Servite loss. God's pretty non-partisan about not heeding prayers I guess.

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