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November 14, 2007



Will Ron Campbell respond to Chris's explanations?

Martin Wisckol

For starters, in direct contradiction to Street's portrayal, DA spokeswoman Susan Schroeder has, in public and in print, said that her office had been investigating Street, and that a portion of the investigation had been handed over to the feds. See Total Buzz for the links to those stories.


I have personally visited with some of he people DIRECTLY affected by the trailer debacle.

Chriss Street is disengenuous and self serving.

How the citizens don't understand this is beyond me.


Sadly, Mr. Street comes across as little more than an opportunistic liar.

For the record, Mr. Street, I do not engage in "a little grandiosity and hyperbole."

Lying is lying.


"a little grandiosity and hyperbole."

Yes, alas, this unfortunate phrase may be a cover for all sorts of misfeasance.

The business about going from $25,000 to $14,000,000 value is almost completely irrelevant taken out of context. The true value might have been, or could have been even higher. To use it as pretext for living la dolce vita is inexcusable.

A corporate retreat in Hawaii for the overseers of a $14,000,000 asset? What a joke.

The whole thing strikes even the casual reader as completely disingenuous.

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